Patch 4.3 - Season 11 Arena - WoW Guide to the New PvE Trinkets from Dragon Soul

by Archive // December 13, 2011

Today, I would like to share as much information as I can with all of you on the hot new trinkets that were revealed with 4.3 and the Dragon Soul raid.  At first glance, these look like solid additions to anyone’s raid set that they are working towards.  However, when taking a closer look, these trinkets will have a major impact on PvP.

We will look at:

  • What trinkets they are and what they do
  • How to Get Them
  • Why they will have a significant impact on PvP this Season

So Let Me Get This Strait…  Raiding Makes you Better at PvP?

Yes,  especially if you are one of the lucky few who get their hands on one of the new Trinkets early in Season 11!

Patch 4.3 came along with the final content patch for World of Warcraft’s latest expansion – Cataclysm.  With this patch, it means it’s time to totally re-gear.  However, we are only going to focus on one type of gear that hit the game – the Dragon Soul Trinkets.

These trinkets are already shaping up to be hands down the best thing you can get as a PvPer from PvE, and will most likely be a crucial item to snag for everyone who wants to be as competitive as possible this Season.  Lets go through the big ones, and look at who should be going after them.

All of the damage trinkets have approximately a 25 second internal cooldown if they are procs.

  • [Cunning of the Cruel]
    • Multi-target damage
    • The proc’s damage scales with spell power
    • it CAN crit
    • ideal for any damage dealing caster
      • Shadow Priests and Warlocks will benefit the most from this, as it deals multi-target damage.  Don’t be surprised if either of these classes rage out on you if you take it before they have it in a raid!
    • Tests show it dealing around 15k hit and 30k crit on targets WITH resilience.
    • This is shadow damage, so if you have talents that increase shadow damage you can expect an increase
  • [Bone-Link Fetish]
    • Scales with Attack Power
    • passive strength – Ideal for Warriors, Death Knights, and anyone else with strength as their main stat.
    • Multi-target damage
    • it CAN crit
    • seems to be mixed feelings on using it from Warriors and DK’s because you will sacrifice over 400 resil.
    • downside – does damage to anyone within a 10 yard radius – wasted proc of no one other than your target is around you, and you are better off with the last trinket on the list!
  • [Heart of Unliving] – tooltip is incorrect.  it seems the ilvls might be off, but there is also huge passive intellect on this
    • If you are a healer, and spirit is an important stat for you… or if you are having trouble with mana conservation, this is your best bet
    • The passive int is a massive bonus
    • Paladins, Druids, and Priests* all seem to think no other trinket is even comparable
      • Some priests prefer a lot of haste in their build, so if you are going haste, there is a haste proc trinket as well: [Seal of the Seven Signs]
  • [Windward Heart]
    • scales with spell power
    • Procs a heal on cast
    • it CAN crit
    • Shamans are back and forth between this one and the [Heart of Unliving]
    • The heal hits for around 25k, and crits for around 55k.  It procs immediately after the internal cooldown is over.
    • internal cooldown is approximately 20 seconds – unconfirmed
  • [Vial of Shadows]
    • scales with attack power
    • single target damage instead of multi-target
    • hits for approximately 15-20k, crits for approximately 35-40k.  Tested WITH resilience.
    • Ideal for Hunters and Rogues because of it’s base Agility bonus (and hunters are ranged, so 10 yard radius multi-target damage may be fairly useless)
    • Ferals… I’ve heard the size of procs you get are unfortunate for everyone else, considering they scale with AP AND are affected by Tiger’s Fury.

I’ve Made Fun of Raiders All Expansion, and No Guilds Want Me!  IMBA

Fear not!  There is a new type of raiding that was implemented with this Patch, and Dragon Soul is the first raid to use it!  It’s called Looking For Raid.  The Raid will be much easier than both 25 normal and 25 heroic (obviously), and it will drop the lowest ilvl of the trinket.  Here is an example of each ilvl, so you can get an idea of what upgrades each more challenging raid brings:

As you can conclude from looking at the stats on each of these 3, the Looking for Raid trinket will still be an extremely good pick up, and people with access to heroic versions will be quite happy.

Why Will This Affect PvP So Much?

I was going to give you a big technical presentation on how much damage they do in comparison to the trade off for similar ilvl benefits from other trinkets available, but I realized as I wrote this that I didn’t need to.  The amount of damage these trinkets do speaks for itself – it’s a free execute for any caster or melee that procs slightly faster than twice per minute!

I’m not saying that these trinkets will totally determine the course of the season, but I can guarantee they will have an impact on a lot of close games.  I encourage all of you to use the Looking for Raid feature recently implemented if you aren’t already in a raiding guild, as you definitely will not regret it once you’ve obtained one of these bad boys!

Until next time, Skill Cappecians.

  • 0
    32 months ago
    not much for dk here.....
  • -1
    33 months ago
    Enh shamans get no love :(
  • 1
    35 months ago
    cunning of the cruel seems dangerous for breaking cc'ed targets out accidentally...?
  • 0
    35 months ago
    Any idea whats the best pve trinket for ele shamans in PvP? Could it be bottled wishes?
  • 0
    36 months ago
    I mean dont get me wrong the dbl spirit is awesome. Ive tested it in both arenas and rbgs and in rbgs its actually awesome as your not sitting full cc chains most of the time so its uptime is almost 100% for me, but in arena once i get hit by even a small cc chain its dropping. So idk guess ill do little more testing to see how big of a number diff it actually is.
  • 0
    36 months ago
    also be sure to note that as of now Heart of Unliving doesnt proc from hots as well such as riptide or renew holy nova etc etc and 10 second proc time makes it extremely hard to keep up
  • 1
    36 months ago
    Heart of the Unliving is nice and all but i dont know if all of these people are realizing that its a 10s proc compared to 20s proc on Tsunami so ya your goin to get dbl the spirit but when u get a cc chain its gonna drop no matter what as opposed to tsunami that rarely drops even in a lengthy cc chain. Ive played with it a little bit and its nice but its uptime is just no where near tsunami. Anyone else exp this?
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