Season 11 - Feral Combat Druid Gearing

by Archive // December 15, 2011

Feral Combat Changes

Alright guys, Season 11 has just started, and the race to get the newest PVP gear has begun! In this article we’re going to look at the gear that we’re going to pick up, and how to gem, enchant, and reforge it to optimize it for arenas!

Grabbing the Gear

Getting Started

Everyone has to start somewhere, and going straight into PVP without any kind of gear sucks! Here’s a list of new craftable PVP gear added in 4.3 which have a whopping 377 ilvl. These items can all be crafted by a leather worker.

Also, there were PVP off-set pieces added in the patch as well. These can be made by jewel crafters.

Spending the gold to get this gear to start off is well worth it. This will help avoid a lot of the initial frustration when getting killed instantly and always spending time at the graveyard.

Honor Gear

New upgrade honor gear as also been added with an ilvl of 390. This is an upgrade of 6 ilvl per piece compared to last season’s gear, minus the weapon.

I have all of last season’s gear. Should I farm for the new honor set?

Absolutely! While having a 6 ilvl upgrade looks like only a tiny upgrade, upgrading EVERY piece stacks up a lot. Just from upgrading the 5-set pieces, you gain:

  • 167 Stamina
  • 105 Resilience
  • 110 Agility
  • 17 Mastery
  • 202 Armor
  • 29 Crit
  • 12 Expertise (which becomes reforged)
  • 17 Haste (which becomes reforged)

Getting the honor gear is huge in min/maxing your stats, and will give you a definite edge over those players who are too lazy to farm up the honor for this gear.

Because Hit is an important stat for us, and Haste is not as appreciated in PVP, you want to go with the Armwraps of Accuracy.

Although Crit is not of the higher stats, it’s still much better than Haste. Choose the Boots of Cruelty.

I prefer to pick up the Hit waist to help in getting my Hit capped. You can pick up the Crit belt, but in the long run, it will cause you to have less Mastery through reforging all your gear.

Expertise is nice if you stack it, but most Ferals don’t. Necklace of Prowess hands-down.

This comes down to Crit vs Mastery. Since we’re stacking Mastery, the Cape of Prowess is our best choice.

Of course, we pick up both of these rings.

Pick up the Badge of Conquest. While the Insignia pay be a passive proc, this random proc is difficult to align your burst with. By using the Badge, you can time exactly when you want to have big burst, which is especially useful in combination with Tiger’s Fury and Berserk.

Normally, most players pick up the Medallion of Tenacity. However, I just want to point out that there is the option to also pick up the Medallion of Cruelty. Depending on your comp, you may have room for less Resilience but no access to decent PVE gear but still need that CC break ability. You can easily swap the Medallion of Cruelty in and out with the Medallion of Tenacity based on your needs. The Medallion of Cruelty can also be reforged to Mastery, which is quite useful.

Which should I pick?! The pike or the staff?!

This is a question that is always asked, and is always answered – so I’ll do it again here. For most players, taking a look at the damage would cause them to believe that the Pike is much stronger than the staff. However, this isn’t the case.

The damage of the weapon displayed on the tooltip is based on the DPS and speed of the weapon. Slower weapons will hit harder, while faster weapons will hit for less. This is misleading for Feral Druids…

By going into either Cat or Bear Form, our attack speed is normalized. Cat Form is 1 second while Bear Form is 2.5 seconds. Because of this, we are not worried about weapon damage or it’s speed – we are only worried about the DPS of the weapon as well as the stats.

In this case, both the Pike and the Staff have the exact same stats, and will both contribute to your damage the same. The only difference is the looks of the item, and that one is a staff while the other is a polearm (which would matter for transmogrification). Bottom-line is: Get whatever you think looks better.

Feral Stat Priority

The Basics

What stats should I be aiming for?

For the basic model, you want to follow:
Hit > Spell Penetration >> Agility > Resilience > Mastery / Crit > Haste > Expertise

You need 600 Hit Rating to get 5% Hit.

You need 97 Spell Penetration to negate [Blessing of Kings] or [Mark of the Wild]. [Elemental Resistance Totem] gives 195 resistance and overwrites BoK/MotW.
However, [Glyph of Healing Stream Totem] also gives this resistance, so using 2 Stormy + Cloak Enchant may be the way to go.

Agility is a primary stat, and gives much more damage (and other benefit) than Mastery or Crit.

You get Resilience up to the point where you can survive damage. Once you get to that point, push Resilience under Mastery/Crit until you feel like you need a defensive stat again.

Mastery and Crit are secondary stats and should never be chosen over raw Agility. Mastery has a slight edge damage wise over Crit and is more commonly favored. Crit does provide damage as well as some utility, so it shouldn’t be ignored. When reforging, the honest truth is that you only get to play with about 4% difference between Mastery and Crit, which won’t make a noticeable difference either way. Go whichever route you like, but if you want to be safe, stick with Mastery.

Gemming the Gear

Dem shiny thangs

There are a few ways to gem your gear, but you need to take care of Spell Penetration first! We want to grab 195 Spell Penetration for varying resit abilities, but most importantly we have to pierce through [Glyph of Healing Stream Totem].

Because at the moment of me writing this article, epic gems have just been released and they are extremely expensive, I’ll show you both ways in getting capped.

You should have [Enchant Cloak - Greater Spell Piercing] giving you 70 spell Penetration.

With blue gems, you need 2 [Stormy Ocean Sapphire] and 1 [Vivid Dream Emerald]. This takes care of all your blue sockets and puts you at exactly 195 spell penetration.

With epic gems, you only need 1 [Stormy Deepholm Iolite] and 2 of either [Infused Elven Peridot] or [Vivid Elven Peridot]. This put you at 197 Spell Penetration.

Otherwise, you can also use just 2 [Stormy Deepholm Iolite] and put [Rigid Deepholm Iolite] in your last blue socket putting you at 196 Spell Penetration. I like the first idea better because it gives you a bit more Resilience which I favor more, but you can choose which stat you prefer more.

The rest of the gemming is very simple.

Meta[Agile Shadowspirit Diamond]
Red Sockets[Delicate Queen's Garnet]/[Delicate Inferno Ruby]
Yellow Sockets - [Mystic Lightstone]/[Mystic Amberjewel] for Resilience
[Adept Lava Coral]/[Adept Ember Topaz] for Damage
[Lucent Lava Coral]/[Lucent Ember Topaz] balanced for both
Prismatic[Delicate Queen's Garnet]/[Delicate Inferno Ruby] or [Mystic Lightstone]/[Mystic Amberjewel] based on what you are stressing.

Enchanting the Gear

For the Ladies


[Arcanum of the Ramkahen]
This is obtained through reputation when Revered with Ramkahen, who are located in the new zone of Uldum.

[Arcanum of Vicious Agility]
Can be bought with Honor or Tol Barad Commendations.


[Lesser Inscription of Shattered Crystal]
[Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal]
Just like the Hodir quest line and dailies from WotLK, Therazane is the new method to gain shoulder enchants for you gear.

[Greater Inscription of Vicious Agility]
Can be bought with Honor or Tol Barad Commendations.


[Enchant Cloak - Greater Spell Piercing]


[Enchant Chest - Mighty Resilience]
[Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats]

Typically most Ferals pick up the Resilience enchant. I would highly recommend to stay away from the Stats enchant because of how much benefit Resilience gives you over the extra stats.


[Enchant Bracer - Agility]


[Enchant Gloves - Mastery]
[Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery]


[Ebonsteel Belt Buckle]


[Charscale Leg Armor]
[Dragonscale Leg Armor]


[Enchant Boots - Assassin's Step]
[Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality]
[Enchant Boots - Lavawalker]
[Enchant Boots - Major Agility]
[Enchant Boots - Mastery]
[Enchant Boots - Precision]
Lots of choices here. Note that the movement speed only works for Ferals while in caster or in Bear Form. Depending on how much time you spend in these forms, you may consider using those versions of enchants. Otherwise, I would say stick with Precision if you need Hit, then go with Major Agility over Mastery.


[Enchant 2H Weapon - Mighty Agility]

Reforging the Gear

I don’t trust those floating mummies…

For the most part, Ferals use Reforging to get Hit capped, then pump all the rest of their stats to get the most Mastery as possible.

The Feral melee Hit cap is 600 Hit Rating, or 5% hit chance. You want to get as close as you can to 600 without going under. Anywhere from 600-605 Hit rating is optimal.

Remember our stat priority! Haste and Crit both need to be either reforged to Hit rating or Mastery. There is no cap on Mastery, so get as much as you can.

The best way to maintain being Hit capped while you are collecting gear is to either go to or to pickup ReforgeLite (

Buying Season 11 Gear with Conquest

Planning for the Future

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “What gear should I spend my Conquest Points on?” Here’s a few things that I look at before I decide to make my purchases.

- Weapons give the biggest benefit to Ferals. As you are earning your Conquest points, start to determine when you can get your weapon. Remember that you need to have earned 7800 Conquest Points in the season before you can purchase the weapon. Both the [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Staff] and [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Pike] cost 3400 Conquest Points.

- When I’m not going for a weapon, I go for the main 5-set pieces first as they give the highest upgrades (but cost the most).

- There are three “tiers” of the main pieces. The [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Dragonhide Robes] and [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Dragonhide Legguards] both give the most stats in the set and cost 2200 Conquest Points.

- [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm] also costs 2200 Conquest Points, but has slightly slower stats.

- [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Dragonhide Gloves] and [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders] give the least amount of stats and both cost 1650 Conquest Points. Many people get the shoulders first for visuals, but I think that’s just silly (especially now that we have transmogrification).

- Gloves, Legs, Neck, Cloak, Boots, Rings, and Trinkets all have a chance to drop from Alizabal in Baradin’s Hold. While I never win these items, I still hold out for the off chance that I will so I don’t waste Conquest Points.

- [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity] gives the smallest upgrade. However, [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Badge of Conquest] gives a 275 Agility increase on your burst compared to the 390 trinket, which is something to consider.

- [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Relic of Triumph] is usually the last item I grab.

PVE Gear

Do I Need to Become a Dragon Slayer?

One of the biggest concerns for any PVPer is the advantage that PVE gear brings. While PVE gear as always given some slight edge, the difficulty and commitment of raiding has turned off many players.

However, 4.3 has introduced a new Looking For Raid system that allows even the most casual players a shot at some amazing PVE gear.

In this case, there are two great items that are available in the Dragon Soul raid that Feral Druids have an opportunity to pick up and use in PVP.

[Kiril, Fury of Beasts]
[Kiril, Fury of Beasts]
[Kiril, Fury of Beasts]

This item is amazing, with a 1 minute proc giving 20 seconds worth of added Agility. This staff basically has a mini trinket built into it that can be tied into Tiger’s Fury and your PVP on-use trinket for bigger burst.

However the LFR version is lower item level than the basic season 11 staff, but the non heroic version is slightly higher. I would use the LFR staff to allow you to pick up your main pieces before picking up the staff. If you manage to get the non heroic, or even the heroic, it is a great staff to consider using.

The proc isn’t that game-breaking. It’s just something nice to have. Also, being a giant kitty is sweet.

[Vial of Shadows]
[Vial of Shadows]
[Vial of Shadows]

This trinket is just plan amazing. The proc scales on attack power, thus causing it to hit harder on targets.

If you have the opportunity to get any version of this trinket, I would highly recommend picking it up. Remember though, you sacrifice a lot of Resilience to use this, so you’ll need to consider making up the loss through gemming or other means.

And that’s it for this article. Hope it helps in getting you guys along with your gear. Good luck to all in Season 11 to reaching new and higher ratings and getting better at PVP!

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    32 months ago
    i have seen alot of ferals using normal or heroic tier legs, does this offer any advantage?
  • 4
    33 months ago
    What's the verdict on the usefulness of the Vial versus the Badge of Conquest now, after the Vial change? (proc damage cut in third and proc frequency tripled)
  • 0
    34 months ago
    Tnx miirkat for this other great guide keep doing ur good job
  • 0
    35 months ago
    Dude, I've seen some videos and articles from you here, and you always says that the Spell pen cap is 195. But here's something, I'm currently with 170 spell pen, and have been since Cata was out, and only time when Cyclone fails to penetrate is when DK/Pala gets lucky enough to bubble at the same time I cast. The Spell pen cap is really that high?
    That's just something I noticed from time. Just now I got some time to get back to the game. Studies are hard nowadays.
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    35 months ago
    This is Awesome, exactly what i was waiting for.... Thanks Miirkat for all you hard work in keeping us up to date..
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    35 months ago
    I don't want to get into this as you are THE BOSS when it comes to Feral PvP, but as stated by you AG is by far the best stat so wouldn't enchanting Boots for Hit instead of AG be a waste as Hit can be reforged from Crit/Haste/Exp hence being a bad enchant for us?
    • 0
      35 months ago
      It probably could have been worded better, but as you are collecting gear there is a good chance you won't be hit capped. If this is the case, you can easily try and fix this by using hit enchants to get you to that 5% cap. Once you're able to reforge all your gear and get top gear, AGI is definitely the way to go.
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    35 months ago
    Exceptional guide!
    What’s your comment on [Charscale Leg Armor] versus [Dragonscale Leg Armor]?
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    35 months ago
    "One of the biggest concerns for any PVPer is the advantage that PVE gear brings. While PVE gear as always given some slight edge" just thought i would point out i think you meant to say "While PVE gear *has always given some slight edge"

    Thanks for this once again really helpful article. I didn't know about all the things you could gain from PVE this season. I am officially breaking out my tank set and getting some PVE stuff for my pvp kitty.

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