Shadow Priest PvP Guide | 8.2 BfA Race, Talents, Essences, Traits, Gear and Macros

by Mystic // August 22, 2019

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All three talents are viable with the best pick coming down to the composition you’re playing and what crowd control your teammates have

Auspicious Spirits and Lingering Insanity can be paired together in matchups where you’re able to free cast for some added spread pressure


Fourth PvP Talent With Conflict and Strife

  • Driven to Madness is a great pick when being trained
  • Psyfiend can prove to be useful if you’re able to freely move around and set it up from long range

Conflict and Strife

Overall your best major essence for the increased versatility which you can easily maintain by offensively dispelling – it also gives you Void Shift, your best PvP talent

Minors: Blood of the Enemy + The Crucible of Flame

The Crucible of Flame

Decent alternative which gives you a little extra on demand burst as well increased sustained damage via the damage over time effect

Minors: Blood of the Enemy + Conflict and Strife

Best outer ring traits:

Best middle ring traits:


  1. Shiver Venom Relic
  2. Notorious Gladiator’s Maledict


  1. Notorious Gladiator’s Safeguard

Haste = Crit > Versatility > Mastery

/cast [@focus] Mind Bomb

/cast [@focus] Silence

/cast [@focus] Psychic Horror

/cast [@focus] Vampiric Touch

/cast [@focus] Shadow Word: Pain


/cast [@party1] Shadow Mend

/cast [@party2] Shadow Mend

/cast [@party1] Power Word: Shield

/cast [@party2] Power Word: Shield

/cast [@party1] Purify Disease

/cast [@party2] Purify Disease

/cast [@party1] Leap of Faith

/cast [@party2] Leap of Faith

/cast [@party1] Void Shift

/cast [@party2] Void Shift

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    11 days ago
    Any information for a 8.3 Update? Or something like a timeline for incoming projects?
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    4 months ago
    Any suggestion on where to get the gear with those specific azerite traits?
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    4 months ago
    How does Shadow feel when solo (Wpvp/duels) ... I don't see a lot of them, so I was wondering how they were doing
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