Fire Mage PvP Guide | 8.3 BfA Race, Talents, Essences, Traits, Gear and Macros

by Mystic // June 16, 2020

This guide was produced with:

  • 5+ Rank 1
  • Competed at the 2018 Blizzcon world championships


Best race:

  • Human gives you the best of both worlds as you can reduce the amount of crowd control you sit by playing with Relentless while still having Every Man for Himself to break out of high impact stuns

Alternative race:

  • Night Elf has its place in matchups with limited stuns as it can be used to avoid big damaging spells such as Chaos Bolt and Greater Pyroblast


Best race:


Pyromaniac is a more RNG option that can give you more burst damage and Searing Touch gives you a little more finishing power if you’re struggling to score kills




  • Breath of the Dying – great pick you’ll use most of the time to consistently increase your burst damage due to the low cooldown when used on targets above 80% or below 20%
  • Memory of Lucid Dreams – an all in option that gives you a lot more burst but less consistent damage – this can be used when playing with another caster while using Greater Pyroblast or if you want to try and kill through enemy defensives in a single setup
  • Conflict and Strife – good to use if you have 30%+ versatility when facing high single target damage comps, such as rogue mage and ww dh




  1. Versatile – your best choice for the passive increase to one of your favored stats
  2. Gushing Wound – excellent choice if you have two or more to increase your damage for very little corruption
  3. Surging Vitality – alternate pick to proc one of your best stats

Haste > Versatility > Mastery > Crit

/cast [target=focus] Counterspell

/cast [target=arena1] Counterspell

/cast [target=arena2] Counterspell

/cast [target=arena3] Counterspell

/cast [target=focus] Polymorph

/cast [target=arena1] Polymorph

/cast [target=arena2] Polymorph

/cast [target=arena3] Polymorph

After using Kleptomania offensively:
/cancelaura Lifebloom
/cancelaura Rejuvenation
/cancelaura Gladiator’s Safeguard
/cancelaura Ice Barrier
/cancelaura Regrowth
/cancelaura Wild Growth
/cancelaura Blessing of Protection

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