Talents and Glyphing: Restoration Druids

by Cottage // January 13, 2011

There’s a lot of confusion about the best specializations. In this article I’ll shed light on Restoration Druid PvP talents and show you the best ones for Arenas and Battlegrounds.

Offensive 2v2 specialization

This is the spec I recommend for offensive 2v2 arena – 7/3/31 – It will help you do some decent damage whilst keeping you and your partner alive. It is extremely important to play aggressively and CC a lot when you’re not in danger.

Tier 1  Restoration Tree

  • [Blessing of the Grove] – 2 points in this one. +4% rejuvenation healing + 6% additional direct moonfire damage.
  • [Natural Shapeshifter] – 2 points in this one too. The 20% cheaper shapeshifting is ok, but the truly helpful thing is the 10 bonus seconds of tree form.
  • [Heart of the Wild] – 3 points in this one. The +6% intellect is really good because it will increase your Spell Power and critical. When tree form is on cooldown and you need to tank a melee, say a rogue, the +6% stamina in bear form may be helpful.

Tier 2  Restoration Tree

  • [Master Shapeshifter] – 1 point. The 4% bonus healing in tree form is not that much, but it’s something. Besides, you need more points to move down to Tier 3, and this is much better than the 1 point of [Perseverance]
  • [Improved Rejuvenation] – 3 points. This is one of the best talents. +15% bonus healing on Rejuvenation and Swiftmend is a lot!

Tier 3  Restoration Tree

  • [Living Seed] – 3 points. The main reason why this one is decent is because of a another talent that we are going to obtain in Tier 4 – [Nature's Bounty]. Given that Regrowth is an instant and spammable in tree form and this talent gives it 60% critical chance, almost every single one is going to be a crit. A living seed of 4-5k is planted after a Regrowth crit and ~8k after a Swiftmend crit.
  • [Revitalize] – 1 point. This is more of a trash point to move down from tier to tier. Some bonus mana won’t hurt at all with such offensive play. You could also put 1 point in [Perseverance] which will decrease spell damage taken by 2%. I personally prefer Revitalize.
  • [Nature's Swiftness] – Always been needed, and always will be! :)
  • [Fury of Stormrage] – 2 points. This is the talent that makes this whole offensive spec viable. It makes wrath cost NO mana and additionally gives you a 12% chance to get an instant Starfire proc.

Tier 4  Restoration Tree

  • [Nature's Bounty] – 3 points. I mentioned this talent a while ago when talking about Living Seed. It is a must to have!
  • [Malfurion's Gift] – 2 points. This is an extremely, extremely strong talent when you’re in tree form, because you’ll be able to lifebloom multiple targets and will be getting clearcasting procs all the time. Once you’ve got Clearcasting, you can get a Regrowth off for free! The more Clearcastings you get, the more free Regrowths!

Tier 5  Restoration Tree

  • [Wild Growth] – 1 point. Since druids can’t heal multiple targets with Lifebloom anymore when out of tree form anymore, and Rejuvenation costs a lot, Wild Growth comes in handy when you want to heal some aoe/dot damage or simply get an additional hot when you’re not let cast.
  • [Nature's Cure] – 1 point. Finally, a dispel for Magic! It is great for both offensive and defensive play.
  • [Nature's Ward] – 1 point, NOT 2. – There is not much of a point to get 2/2 in this talent. The only difference is that with 1 point in it the proc chance will be 50%, and with 2 – 100%.

Tier 6  Restoration Tree

Tier 7  Restoration Tree

  • [Tree of Life]- 1 point. The strongest cooldown Resto Druids currently have. It is extremely strong for both survivability and offensiveness.

Once you’re done putting points in Resto, move on to Feral and Balance.

Tier 1  Feral Tree

  • [Furor] – Like many druids, I didn’t even bother to check anything in the Feral Tree. But this is so good, it must not be missed!
    Get 3 points in this talent. Only the 15% maximum mana increase makes this talent worth the spent points. Additionally, you’ll be able to Bash and Skull Bash without relying on Enrage in Bear Form.

That’s the only helpful thing in the Feral Tree.

Tier 1  Balance Tree

  • [Nature's Grace] – It is a must to get 3 points in this one. The 15% haste will increase your casting damage significantly. It is also not a RNG talent and you can time it’s proc when you want to.
  • [Starlight Wrath] – Get 3 points in this one too. It will reduce the cast time of  Wrath and Starfire by 1 second.

Tier 2  Balance Tree

  • [Balance of Power] – 1 point in this talent will make you hit capped!(that doesn’t mean spell penetration capped). You do NOT need to get 2 in this one, because it’d be a total waste.

These are all the points you need to spend in the Balance talent tree.

  • Talents I did NOT pick

  • [Naturalist] – 2 points in it will get you 0.5 faster Healing Touch and Nourish(Wowhead lies, it’s not 1 second) which will still be ~2-2.3sec casts which most of us will hardly ever use. I’m not saying that [Blessing of the Grove] is such an outstanding talent that it shouldn’t be replaced, but in this case, it’s obviously better than [Naturalist].
  • [Perseverance] – Perseverance is a good talent for 3v3, but it just doesn’t fit with this offensive spec, because all you can spend on it is 1 point, which is 2% damage reduction. Mages are common in 2v2, but 2% won’t make any difference at all.
  • [Empowered Touch] – It’s a hell of a talent for PvE, but it doesn’t shine at all in PvP. +10% healing with Nourish and Healing Touch is good, but like I said, we hardly ever use these and lifebloom’s final bloom is necessary for survival because it heals for a lot!
  • [Efflorescence] – Another great PvE talent, which could sometimes be helpful in Battlegrounds, but it’s very weak for arenas. It doesn’t heal for much – ~700 per tick and the area of healing is too narrow. We need to move almost all the time in arenas and will not benefit from this talent. 3 points are just not worth it for this one.

Arena 3v3 specialization

In 3v3 Restoration Druids can’t really afford to go out in the open and DPS.
Unlike 2v2, here you need to pay a lot more attention to positioning, CC avoidance and dispelling. Of course, you should still cyclone / root / interrupt, but only when it’s really necessary!

This is the spec I recommend for 3v3 – 7/3/31

  • [Perseverance] – 3 points. Even though this is not a good talent for 2v2, it is a really essential one in 3v3, because very often you will be switched to and without great survivability you might not make it out alive.
  • [Moonglow] – Also check that I’ve got 1 point in Moonglow. It is better than Genesis and like I said earlier, you don’t need 2 points in [Balance of Power] to become hit capped.
    *Note – In the 2v2 spec I showed you earlier I spent 6 points in tier 1 thus not letting me get 1 point in [Moonglow].

Battleground specialization

Restoration Druids are great fun in battlegrounds, because we can CC much more than in arena and not worry about mana. Our role in battlegrounds is to heal and stop enemies with roots and cyclones. Don’t get too carried away with CC-ing though, we’re healers after all!

Recommended specialization – Same as the 3v3 one – 7/3/31 because you’re not really supposed to be dps-ing much in combat apart from dotting to get [Nature's Grace] up for the bonus 15% haste.


Glyphs for all specs are the same.


[Glyph of Rejuvenation]
[Glyph of Swiftmend]
[Glyph of Lifebloom]


[Glyph of Barkskin]
[Glyph of Entangling Roots]
[Glyph of Faerie Fire]

That’s it. Good Luck & Leave a comment on the section below!

  • 3
    34 months ago
    hey i have a buddy who plays afflic warlock, i know resto/afflic used to be the tits in arena, but I've heard mixed reviews lately. is this comp still viable in your opinion?
  • 0
    37 months ago

    How am I expected to preform a "Dougie"?
  • 0
    39 months ago
    thank you so much for all the things you post, Cottage!
    i have a spec question. what is wrong with putting points in Genesis and Moonglow in the Balence tree? is 9% less mana cost just not worth it? you have the point in your 3v3 make up, why not 2v2?
  • 0
    45 months ago
    [spell]Efflorescence[/spell] is useful VS dot and DK comps if you're not going to eat AoE fears!
  • 0
    46 months ago
    Wouldnt staff be better as the new enchant coming out of offhand is now 40 int instead of 100 ?i dnt have a good internet here or is it still is way more intellect with 1h mace and offhand than a staff?
    • 0
      46 months ago
      I couldn't see this change anywhere tho. In case it goes live, Staff will be slightly better imo, because 100 spirit > 40 int
  • 0
    46 months ago
    as far as wepons go, would u recomend the staff or the off hand/mace or dagger? i added up the stats and the staff gives you 100 more spirit then the mace/off hand, but the mace gives 100 int (after the OH enchant is added) i went with the staff but im starting to think that wasnt so smart due to Heart of the Wild's 6% int buff. Anouther reason i dident get the mace was because it has crit witch i know isnt useless and you can reforge it into haste or w.e, thoughts?
    • 0
      46 months ago
      Get the 1h mace + offhand :) Intellect > Spirit
  • 0
    46 months ago
    Man I have so much to learn and I appreciate what you do to help us all out. Whats your opinion on the gear sets with 2's and 3's if my main focus was 2's? maybe the 2 set bonus of both the extra 400 resil? or 4/1 kodohide?
    • 1
      46 months ago
      4\5 Kodohide + Boomkin head is the way to go :)
  • 0
    46 months ago
    Awesome thought about running the insect swarm glyph to help with added pressure. But now with the next patch I feel like we might end be the worst healers in the arena and will be able to pressure even less. Your thoughts?
    • 0
      46 months ago
      I wouldn't say that we are going to be the worst healer, but we will definitely experience a huge difference with the new Tree Of Life. Druids will still be viable with proper play but the skill cap will rise dramatically. Mages are going to be our worst enemies since you will no longer be able to pop tree form and forget about positioning. Also, shifting in and out will not remove freezes and spending a global to get it off means 1 hot less on you :\

      We'll see, but it definitely doesn't look good.
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