Feral Druid PvP Guide | 8.2 BfA Race, Talents, Essences, Traits, Gear and Macros

by Mystic // August 22, 2019

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Best race:


Best race:

  • Tauren is the clear winner with War Stomp being great in some situations but more importantly because Endurance helps you survive


Feral Frenzy should be used when playing with 3x Iron Jaws traits



  • Cyclone can be considered over Savage Momentum when playing slower paced comps like feral mage or if you need the additional crowd control to help keep your team alive

The Crucible of Flame

Your best overall major essence which gives you great on demand burst during setups and has excellent synergy with Tiger’s Fury which increases its damage

Minors: Conflict and Strife + Memory of Lucid Dreams

Conflict and Strife

Great defensive pick when facing melee as you gain access to Thorns and double versatility when stunned

Minors: The Crucible of Flame + Memory of Lucid Dreams

Blood of the Enemy

Very offensive build that can be used to set up huge one shots

Minors: The Crucible of Flame + Memory of Lucid Dreams

Iron Jaws build with Feral Frenzy (easier):

Masterful Instincts build with Bloodtalons (harder):

Recommended defensive traits:


  1. Notorious Gladiator’s Maledict
  2. Pocket-Sized Computation Device with Cyclotronic Blast


  1. Bloodthirsty Urchin
  2. Pocket-Sized Computation Device with Subroutine: Defragmentation
  3. Notorious Gladiator’s Emblem
  4. Notorious Gladiator’s Safeguard

Mastery > Versatility > Haste (12%) > Crit

/target [@party1]

/cast [target=party1] Regrowth

/cast [target=party2] Regrowth

/cast [target=party1] Remove Corruption

/cast [target=party2] Remove Corruption

/cast [target=party1] Wild Charge

/cast [target=party2] Wild Charge

/cast [target=focus] Skull Bash

/cast [target=focus] Mighty Bash

/cast [target=focus] Maim

/cast [target=focus] Cyclone

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