Havoc Demon Hunter PvP Guide | 8.2.5 BfA Race, Talents, Essences, Traits, Gear and Macros

by Mystic // November 25, 2019

This guide was produced with:

  • 2x Rank 1


Netherwalk is a great alternative to Soul Rending in matchups where your self healing won’t be enough to survive enemy kill attempts, usually against comps with high amounts of burst and crowd control, for example jungle and rogue mage


  • Mana Rift can be taken to most matchups for the mana win condition but isn’t necessary when playing comps with extremely high consistent damage, for example when playing with an arms warrior
  • Detainment makes your Imprison a more reliable crowd control that can be used offensively, defensively and even to land mana burns – note that it’s difficult to burn mistweaver monks out of Imprison because they can port away


  • Reverse Magic is always great against hunters, mages, priests and paladins to get your healer out of crowd control – it can also be used when tunneling resto druids in 2s to dispel roots on yourself
  • Cover of Darkness is an excellent tool against teams with high burst damage, for example jungle, rogue mage, tsg and ww dk
  • Rain from Above significantly increases your single target damage and can be used as a pseudo-offensive cooldown – it also allows you to avoid melee damage and even immune incoming stuns if timed well
  • Solitude has the potential to give you a lot more damage if used correctly and has great synergy with the Felblade + Demon Blades build

The Crucible of Flame

Provides you with the biggest increase to your overall damage and is also the best way to increase your burst damage during kill attempts

Conflict and Strife

Doesn’t give you access to a great PvP talent but makes it easier to survive in matchups where you find yourself dying in stuns

Vision of Perfection

Alternative pick to Crucible for a decent improvement to both offense and defense as you’ll spend more time in Metamorphosis, increasing both your damage and self healing


Condensed Life-Force + Memory of Lucid Dreams


  1. Notorious Gladiator’s Badge
  2. Notorious Gladiator’s Insignia


  1. Notorious Gladiator’s Safeguard

Versatility > Haste > Mastery > Crit

/cast [talent:1/3] Felblade
/cast [talent:2/3] Immolation Aura

#showtooltip Metamorphosis
/cast [@cursor] Metamorphosis

#showtooltip Netherwalk
/cancelaura Netherwalk

/cast [@focus] Disrupt

/cast [@focus] Fel Eruption

/cast [@focus] Imprison

/cast [@focus] Consume Magic

/cast [@focus] Mana Rift

/cast [@focus] Throw Glaive

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    Can we update for 8.3?
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    does the azerite trait longstrider provide any benefit since our mastery already increases our run speed?
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      DH DK and War DH.
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