Ideal Comp for RBGs, Updated for Legion

by Bigmoran // December 11, 2016

My apologies for not posting one of these since the expansion’s release. While class balance is likely going to change in 7.1.5, I fully expect the “core” RBG composition to remain relatively stable throughout this entire expansion. This guide will cover the current RBG meta as well as the classes that are the core components of a successful RBG group.

The Meta

RBGs this expansion, much like WoD, seem to center primarily on AoE damage. Single target damage and CC, while they certainly might have a place in certain situations, are outperformed by raw damage and healing throughput. Your team comp should always be created with damage in mind. Because of this, many of the classes you can expect to see in RBGs are those that have high sustained damage. With that in mind, there is still use for utility classes in RBGs. Rogues and Mages, while not offering high throughput, are still good on nearly every map.

Most strategies are more or less the same as WoD, though with the primary change being the use of Balance Druids as flag carriers in Warsong Gulch, Twin Peaks, and Deepwind Gorge. The general strategy of FC maps is pretty straightforward: focus on killing enemy healers before making pushes on the enemy FC. Because Balance Druids are so tanky in Bear Form, it is very uncommon to see them die before high stacks. Node capture maps play out very similar to WoD. On maps like Gilneas and Arathi Basin most teams can guarantee some node captures while certain nodes (such as Waterworks in Gilneas and Blacksmith in AB) are under contention for the entire game. At higher ratings you can expect to see lots of “ghosting” of nodes in which a base defender (usually a Rogue) will temporarily leave their base in order to put pressure on another node defender.

The Core

Balance Druid: Once again, Balance Druids are one of the best specs for rated play. Their damage throughput and utility is unmatched on most maps. They offer high consistent damage throughput with their spread pressure. Most of the damage dealt by Balance Druids comes from their DoTs and Starfall. On top of this they have one of the hardest hitting single target spells in the game. Their ability to seamlessly transition from an AoE damage dealer to single target damage dealer makes them one of the best DPS classes to have on every map. Lastly, as I suggested earlier, they are currently the FC of choice on WSG, Twin Peaks, and Deepwind Gorge. This is primarily because of Guardian Affinity and Celestial Guardian making them very tanky in Bear Form.

Affliction Warlock: Again, the RBG meta is focused on AoE damage and because Warlocks offer high spread pressure, dispel protection, and multiple interrupts they are one of the most desirable DPS classes in RBGs. Unstable Affliction stacking makes it incredibly risky for enemy healers to dispel DoTs off their teammates. On top of their raw damage, the ability to interrupt multiple healers allows you to create lots of pressure while the enemy team is rotting.

Frost DK: It is always important to have at least one tanky melee DPS on your team. Not only do they function as a means to spin nodes during team fights, they also are able to play more aggressive on maps like Temple of Kotmogu–being able to push into enemy orb carriers without worrying about dying. Overall Frost DKs are the complete package. They offer some of the highest damage throughput, AoE CC, and a utility toolkit with Death Grip and Anti-Magic Zone.

Mistweaver Monk: Monks are currently the strongest healer for every map in RBGs. They have incredibly high healing throughput, mana efficiency, and unparalleled mobility. Most high rated teams play with two or more Mistweaver Monks as a part of their healing composition. Having more than one Monk allows your team to stagger uses of Revival, giving you extra longevity in team fights.

Assassination Rogue: Although they don’t really add damage to a teamfight, Rogues are incredibly important to have in an RBG roster. They offer unmatched map control on node maps and are really powerful as flag defenders and aggressors on flag carry maps.

Havoc Demon Hunter: As the newest addition to the class lineup, Demon Hunters are proving to be one of the best classes in RBGs. Aside from their incredibly powerful burst damage and offensive CDs, they are easily the most mobile DPS class. They are able to quickly move across the map, which is something useful in every battleground.

The Good

Marksmanship Hunter: Hunters have always filled an awkward role in an RBG roster. In the past they had their place in some rosters, though with the transition to a damage focused meta, they started to see less and less play during WoD. This has since changed. With the release of Legion, Marks Hunters got lots of deals to make important contributions to the team fight. Their AoE damage during offensive CDs is one of the highest in game. If left unchecked, they can create massive pressure on the enemy team.

Restoration Druid: While Mistweaver Monk is certainly the best healer in the current meta, Restoration Druids aren’t too far behind. Their healing throughput is still incredibly valuable in every team fight. Being able to mitigate damage from enemy DoTs is an important tool for sustaining your team through AoE damage.

Elemental Shaman: The Elemental Shaman artifact ability is extremely powerful during some teamfights. Being able to use three back-to-back Chain Lightnings allows them to deal lots of bursty AoE pressure on the enemy team, especially during close quarter combat. Overall Elemental Shamans offer a decent damage toolkit while giving some utility in the form of roots, snares, and knockbacks.

The Ideal Comp

1-2 Balance Druids
1-2 Affliction Warlocks
1-2 Havoc Demon Hunters
1-2 Frost DKs
1 Assassination Rogue
2-3 Mistweaver Monks
Remaining slots filled with Core/Good specs

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    15 months ago
    How does Fury Warrior stack up in comps like this? Just with the sheer Aoe damage and burst.
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    17 months ago
    Is it possible to make something like this, but for 3s/2s?
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