Arcane Mage PvP Guide | 8.1.5 BfA Talents, Traits and Damage

by Mystic // April 16, 2019

This guide was produced with:

  • 6x Rank 1
  • Competed at the 2018 Blizzcon world championships

Level 15

Amplification is the best talent in this tier because of the increased damage it provides

Level 30

Shimmer is a great default choice that helps you land more crowd control and increases your kiting capabilities as it has two charges

Level 45

Incanter’s Flow is the strongest talent in this tier and should always be taken

Level 60

Resonance is a great default option that helps to increase your damage when people are stacked

Charged Up is the best talent in 2s as there are less targets for you to benefit from with Resonance and should be used at the end of your burst sequence to cast another Arcane Barrage with 4 Arcane Charges

Supernova can be used to stop important casts, such as Chaos Bolt or Greater Pyroblast and can even be used against comps that set up kills with crowd control, such as rogue mage to stop important Polymorphs

Level 75

Chrono Shift is your default choice here as it’s useful in almost every matchup

Ring of Frost can be used against resto druids when playing with a rogue

Level 90

Nether Tempest provides the most damage and should be your default talent

Level 100

Arcane Orb tends to be the strongest talent in most matchups so should be your default pick

PvP Talents

Mass Invisibility is one of your two best honor talents and should always be used

Arcane Empowerment is your other best honor talent and should always be used

Temporal Shield is an excellent defensive talent that should be taken to most matchups


Haste > Versatility = Mastery > Crit


Recommended Head: Sinister Gladiator’s Silk Cowl

Recommended Shoulders: Giga-Charged Shoulderpads

Recommended Chest: Blood-Drenched Robes


Sinister Gladiator’s Maledict + Sinister Gladiator’s Emblem or Sinister Gladiator’s Insignia

  1. Get 4 Arcane Charges with Arcane Orb and Arcane Explosion
  2. Use Arcane Missiles procs
  3. Arcane Barrage
  4. Repeat 1-3

  1. Get 4 Arcane Charges with Arcane Orb and Arcane Explosion
  2. Use Presence of Mind and Arcane Power
  3. Cast 2 instant Arcane Blasts
  4. Use Arcane Missiles procs
  5. Arcane Barrage
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    Update.. talents are different now.
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