Gemming, Stats, and Reforging: Holy Paladin

by Archive // February 2, 2011

Hey Everyone!  This article will be covering all of the extras that go along with your gear set, including gemming, stat priority and management, and reforging.

Gems for Each Color Slot


While it may differ for some teach compositions, Red gem slots will always be filled with a [Brilliant Inferno Ruby]


Next, Yellow Gem slots, have a few options depends on your playstyle and team composition. If you’re playing a Wizardcleave variant, you will not need tip top resilience. In this case, you’re going to want to use [Potent Ember Topaz]

The other option for the yellow slot is the defensive choice, [Willful Ember Topaz]. For teams like TSG (Paladin Death Knight Warrior), or other melee cleaves and generally anything that doesn’t have a Mage or Warlock on it, this Intellect/Resilience Gem will be the better choice.


There are also two options for Blue gem slots. Those are the [Purified Demonseye] and the [Timeless Demonseye]. For maybe 90% of situations, you’ll want the Intellect/Spirit [Purified Demonseye], but sometimes when it comes to a event where you just NEED that extra few thousand health, the [Timeless Demonseye] will come in handy and may even save you for a win.

The Meta Gem

There’s only two decent options here. The extreme RNG(Random Number Generator) meta gem, [Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond] and the reliable extra 5,000+ mana [Ember Shadowspirit Diamond].  I would definitely recommend using the [Ember Shadowspirit Diamond] simply because it’s a lot of extra mana. Even though people like to point out the mana capabilities of paladins, those mana pools aren’t there without the proper item choices. [Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond] just is a luck based item that really has no place in PvP. It will probably win you one in a thousand games, but it’s not worth the big mana drop.

Stat Priorities

It’s simple, Intellect will always be stat #1. #2 will depend on what comp you play or just how to like to play. Personally, I like to have a balanced mix of everything, except Mastery for the time being.

Melee Cleaves

If you’re playing a melee cleave variant such as Paladin Death Knight Warrior or Feral Druid Warrior Paladin or even Paladin Enhancement Shaman Warrior, you’re going to want to have a high priority on Haste. Aim for around 10% which will have you around 22% total after you have Judgments of the Pure up along with the passive 3% from Speed of Light.

Standard Melee/Caster/Paladin

For these types of setups, you’re going to want to get a more balanced spread of Crit/Spirit. These comps tend to have longer games and require a lot more healing than Melee Cleaves or Spellcleaves. You’re going to wish you had a little more mana regeneration if you skipped out on it. Haste will not be as necessary because you will have more time to get heals out as well as crowd control to help you get those heals off.

Spell Cleaves

Spellcleaves tend to be your choice on how you really want to do it. You can go straight haste and run yourself out of mana quickly, but you will be able to keep your partners up for short games. Another option is to go heavy into Spirit for the longer games if your partners have a hard time setting up kills. I think the best option is to aim for about 13-14% crit, 2100+ mp5 while casting, and 5%+ haste. This will prepare you for a variety of opponents and allow you to react rather than be stuck with a bad choice.

Resilience: Just aim for over 3000 before epics. After epics ~3400-3700.


Reforging should always be something you do after your gear is fully enchanted and gemmed. Doing it before may just waste your gold. Once properly enchanted and gemmed, you should be reforging all of the Mastery on your gear into things like Spirit/Haste/Crit. I already outlined when you should choose each and why above. I tend to turn most things into Spirit and Crit to keep myself above 2000 mp5 while casting and 14% base crit chance. If you’re going hard into haste, pretty much everything should be reforged to haste if possible. Otherwise, also reforge that haste on things like the gloves into spirit or crit.

Thanks for reading, good luck and have fun with your Gemming and Reforging! Remember that you can always contact me via my profile for specific advice.

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    29 months ago
    Why do you de-value mastery of haste? Is it just a personal flavor decision, or is haste that much better?
  • -1
    32 months ago
    How much spirit is 2000mp5 WHILE casting? since you mentioned it, building my paladin atm for optiomal performance.
  • 0
    35 months ago
    thanks man!! helped
  • 0
    41 months ago
    what is the optimal spirit to reach for in arenas/bg's?
  • 1
    43 months ago
    Hi, got a quick question on Meta Gems.
    I was using the 54int/10% reduced silence duration ( until now. Is there a reason why you don't find this gem to be decent compared with the ones you advise to socket?
  • 0
    46 months ago
    What does mp5 mean ?
    • 0
      46 months ago
      Mana per 5 seconds. It's how regen works. You have an out of combat amount, and in combat amount.
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