Best Gear in Season 9: Subtlety Rogue

by Perryo // February 3, 2011

This is a full overview regarding how to gear for shadowdance and how stats weigh currently. It includes the best gear setups for full PvP gearing as well as partial PvE sets for those that want to use some raid gear.

Best Gear Setups

PvP Gear

This is the best all around gear, however if you don’t have unheeded warning or rather run more resil then swap in a on use pvp trinket, (agi) and bind it to shadowdance.

For those who ask about humans:

Human PvE trinkets

This gear combo is the best for a human. It’s damage output is very very high while maintaining solid resil.

Human PvP trinkets

This is the same gearset minus pve trinkets and focus’s on resil. You will be very hard to kill and the trinkets are not bad if used around dance for great burst potential.

In the current state of the game the full pvp set is better in most cases though, outside of a trinket really, you don’t need pve gear and resil is just so strong in its current state. Rogue’s should take advantage of this being the first season in a long time to be hard to kill.

Stat Priority

Currently for Subtlety, it’s fairly straight forward luckily for stats and it goes the following:

  1. Hit – get your 5% hit before anything else, no one wants to miss a kidney shot when you go for a kill.
  2. Resil- it’s just super strong right now, and the more you have the better it works don’t be afraid to hover in the 3500+resil range.
  3. Agi- The most damage influential stat we can get right now, stack it.
  4. Crit- No brainer helps alot with burst and sub is all about burst. However it’s not that much better then haste.
  5. Haste- this was stronger before and its a real up and down stat. When being kited or CC this stat isn’t very good because we energy cap when we are not on the target. So this stat is situational and most people have swapped back to crit. I prefer crit now in most comps, except in 2s.
  6. Mastery- Semi crappy.
  7. Expertise- semi crappy as well, getting 5% isn’t all that bad for less missed kidney shots and such but takes to much of a hit on other stats to be worth it.


This can be a annoying part of figuring out your gear but in the Profile you can see almost everything is changed to crit, or hit to achieve the 5% hit cap you need.


Geming since patch has gotten alot better. The [Agile Shadowspirit Diamond] got fixed so reds activate it so we go with this meta and then stack straight agi gems mostly. To get bonus’s for yellow I suggest going agi/resil and in blues agi/hit.

Don’t be afraid to go heavier on resil though it’s really preference.


All the enchants from the profile are the best choices currently, some of them are very expensive so you may want to go for the cheaper versions. If you can’t swing a landslide weapon enchant I suggest going with hurricane, it’s cheap and very good. Some of the old agi enchants may look crappy but they are better then the new alternatives thus far according to some math I read.

Personal Preference

To wrap it up there is many ways to go about gearing currently and this is the way I gear and a few other top rogues like to gear. I suggest you use what you like and still try different stuff as gearing can be very preference oriented.


3/3: Updated gear reflecting stat changes and new preferences please check out the new links.

  • 0
    23 months ago
    please updatew this to mop lvl 90
  • 0
    41 months ago
    waaat about mut?! =[[
  • 0
    42 months ago
    As an undead is it worth it to try cyclone trinket with unheeded warning?
    I play mostly now in 2s with a healer - games very often take ages and usually when I get a kill its during few secs window (stun/garrote/smoke bomb/burst thing). My healer cant control much (shaman) so sometimes Im forced to try to take out an opponent healer :/ I know its far from perfect and we wont go far in this combo but could that trinket boost my bursts (as i said i play undead).
    Any advice would be great - cheers
  • 0
    44 months ago
    much appreciated perryo ..U DA MAN
  • 0
    44 months ago
    Updated 3/3 sorry for the delay.
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    45 months ago
    A lot of Sub Rogues are aiming for Crit nowadays instead of haste, as there's not really enough haste to justify us gearing towards it. Perhaps we can update the chardev for the PvP set? Also, do we stick with the PvE enchants on shoulders / helm or go for the resilience ones?
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      44 months ago
      I updated it regarding the changes in gear and stats from patch along with comp preferences. The new profiles should answer your questions.
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    44 months ago
    I just signed up to gain info and realized this looks like a setup for a mutilate build other the the prefered sub spec. I don't see this being the best gear setup at all. your at ~16 crit? and using landslide. Dont get me wrong i'm rockin landslide cause i refuse to re-enchant since it cost me 10k gold. but w/ my setup i have ~ 3400 resil w/ 26% crit and 5."X" haste. If it's possible to make a sub best gear for this season, it would be nice.
    • 0
      44 months ago
      Check the updated versions now, stuff has changed and I recommend the new profiles.
  • 0
    44 months ago
    Top rogues getting expt cap..why is it rated so low here.
    • 0
      44 months ago
      It's preference and requires giving up alot of stats to get 5%.
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