Discipline Priest: Stats, Gems and Reforging

by Archive // February 16, 2011

Here’s where you’re able to find everything you need to know on Stats, Gemming and Reforging for a Discipline Priest in season nine of Cataclysm.

Hit Rating

So the general hit percentage you want to be reaching as priest now is 4%. This is super important to avoid you missing crucial fears, DoTs or any other offensive spell. Now 4% hit rating is actually around 410 hit rating altogether; to get this you must act accordingly and do whatever is most convenient for you. It’s very dependent on your situation when taking the road to 4% hit, for example I’m an engineer and the way I did it is as follows:

Engineers way to 4% hit: (Example Scenario)

Owning a pair of [Lightweight Bio-Optic Killshades] allows you to  socket it with [Rigid Cogwheel] which already puts you half way there. In addition, enchanting your bracer with [Enchant Bracer - Precision] followed by equipping [Vicious Gladiator's Band of Accuracy]. Finally, with the addition of a [Rigid Ocean Sapphire] you’re now blessed with 4% hit.

Spell Penetration

Now we’ve gotten our hit up to 4%, we’ll now be wanting to get our spell penetration up to around 201, for the same reasons as we wanted our hit rating up. This can easily be gained via taking [Vicious Gladiator's Drape of Diffusion].

Stat Priority

Now we’ve gotten the standard boring stuff out the way, let’s start playing with our main stats. So here’s the simple order for you skimmers, then I’ll elaborate and explain the reasoning behind this specific order.

Resilience – Intellect – Spirit – Crit/Haste – Mastery

1) Resilience

Resilience scales better than any other stat, it’s always been important for priests to have plenty of. Now more than ever, this is the stat you will be wanting to prioritize over anything else.

2) Intellect

With Cataclysm, they changed Intellect to both increase your mana pool and also your spell power.

3) Spirit

Spirit is more useful than ever before for healing priests, since arena has transformed into often longevity fights – having a solid mp5 is pretty standard for any healing priest in arena.

4) Crit/Haste

This choice purely comes under what you prefer. Statistically speaking; crit is usually better and more efficient since chances are; your heals are regularly going to be a lot bigger than usual via critting – meaning less mana spent on overall healing output. However, haste is great for lowering your global cool-down and spell cast-time; haste isn’t as good as it used to be but I still definitely prefer going for it over crit due to my offensive play-style. Your decision here comes down to preference only.

5) Mastery

Mastery for Discipline priests is very mediocre, increasing the damage absorbed by your shields is a good idea in theory; but it scales horrendously with mastery. You pretty much get the same effect stacking intellect (spell-power) to increase damage absorbed via your shields than you do with mastery. Which obviously is the superior option since spell-power scales with all of your other spells.


Okay, so now you know what stats you need. So let’s start gemming! Let’s start off with the red and blue sockets, there’s two gems you should consider here which are the following:

Red Sockets:

[Brilliant Inferno Ruby] – Very solid gem to take, stacking intellect is very important when playing disc in the majority of compositions.

Red/Blue Sockets:

[Purified Demonseye] – Generally a solid gem to take in the blue sockets, while intellect is great – having a healthy amount of regeneration is important too. The amount of these you take depends on what comp you’re playing or your preference.

[Sparkling Ocean Sapphire] – If you’re wanting to go heavier into spirit and you’re satisfied with the amount of intellect you have, then this is a pretty solid gem to boost up your spirit with.

[Veiled Demonseye] – This is only to be used if you haven’t reached your 4% hit cap yet. It’s important not to over-use these, but 1-2 of these socketed is acceptable. If you’ve still not gotten enough hit after throwing two of these gems in there then consider reforging some hit and enchanting.

Okay so those are two of the top stats covered, now to stack up some resilience in the yellow sockets.

Yellow Sockets:

[Mystic Amberjewel] – It’s very healthy to gem plenty of these, resilience scales exceptionally well in Cataclysm. Priests are good again now, but resilience is still a very important stat to be sure you can stay alive for long periods of time.

[Reckless Ember Topaz] – If you feel you have enough resilience, then gemming this once or twice won’t hurt. The extra hit and haste are beneficial and it’s not hard to over-kill resilience in a heavy PvP gear setup.

[Willful Ember Topaz] – If you’re satisfied with your resilience level and feel as if you’d gain more from taking extra spell power / intellect while not hindering your resilience too much; then this is a pretty solid option. I wouldn’t recommend using this gem too often though.

META Socket:

Subject to change: At this time the meta gem you want to be socketing is [Ember Shadowspirit Diamond]. This offers a chunk of intellect with +2% extra maximum mana, very solid meta to take.

You could of course go for the obnoxious RNG meta which is [Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond] which procs way too often!


Reforging is a tricky subject to output information on. This is because it’s very dependant on your gear set-up, your personal preferences, your play-style and your arena composition. With all of those in-mind however, I’m going to instruct you on what type of logic to use when reforging.

So after my talk about stat priority, I mentioned how I’m going to be committing myself to haste over crit. Also mentioned before, I’m an engineer – so I’m forced into using my [Lightweight Bio-Optic Killshades]. This means I miss out on my [Vicious Gladiator's Satin Hood] which would’ve given me a ton of haste.

But this is okay, I have to use [Vicious Gladiator's Mooncloth Leggings] to receive my four set bonus which means I have a load of Crit which I don’t want. In this instance, I’m going to trade 80 of this crit for 80 haste.

You can use this type of logic for gaining hit rating as well. Don’t be scared to try out different gear builds, it doesn’t cost much to reforge and if you feel like you’re favoring a stat in particular, then why not drop a little of what you don’t need. There’s no set-guide as to what’s best to reforge since as I said; it’s very dependent on a number of things.

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading my article, I hope this has helped. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask away – that’s what we’re here for! You should now have the correct knowledge to select your own stats layout via gemming and reforging with a full understanding of each stat.

See you soon,


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    33 months ago
    should i go Haste Heavy Mastery heavy? or should i be focusing on Spirit for reforging?
  • 0
    37 months ago
    oh and use veiled gems in ur blue sockets
  • 0
    37 months ago
    if u want to be hit cap in Ruthless season just regem ur mainhand wpn to hit, ur chest to hit, and ur boots to hit. 4.03%
  • 0
    40 months ago
    Is this still up to date?
  • -1
    41 months ago
    Very nice article Craze, I just have one question, what would you recommend is a solid amount of resil to have for a disc priest? I've heard that after about ~3300 resil, DR comes into play and resil becomes less and less worth it if you are in need of other stats, thanks!
  • 0
    42 months ago
    Hey Crazé, since 4.1 is mastery still a bad stat? I'm confused since in many guides (not exactly reliable or written by someone experienced) people have been recommending Mastery. Thanks!
  • 0
    44 months ago
    This needs to have enchants added to make it complete.
  • 0
    44 months ago
    Same question as Mars, for other classes 195 spell pen is usually OK (or 220 max) isnt it?
    • 1
      44 months ago
      Fixed the info, this was written a while ago when everything was still unclear. I must have missed it when I was updating this article last month.
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