Elemental Shaman - Talents and Glyphs

by Archive // February 14, 2011

In this article I will be going over the base talents and glyphs for an Elemental Shaman, as well as giving you insight to specific talents I take.

First off, Earthquake is trash. You’re better off putting one point in enhancing the damage your windwall totem absorbs. Really though, Elemental Shaman talents are no longer very variable.

With that said, there are a few things that I do which I’m pretty sure most other elemental shaman don’t. I’m going to simply write out here the talents that every ele should get regardless of their desire to be unique.

Tier 1: 3/3 [Concussion] and 2/2 [Convection]

Tier 2: 2/2 [Call of Flame] ,2/2[Reverberation], and 3/3 [Elemental Precision]

Tier 3-6, get every talent, besides Fulmination (unless you only play 5s, it’s OK in 5v5)

Tier 7: LOL

With this you have 29 points done, and thus need 2 more to move on to the other specs. Keep in mind that insta ghost wolf is very necessary.

I suggest from here to put 2 into either [Acuity] or [Elemental Warding] depending on your leanings towards offense or defense. The reason you only want 2 is because you’ll want to use the rest of your talents in other spots.


Tier 1: 2/2 [Elemental Weapons] and 3/3[Improved Shields]

Tier 2: 2/2[Ancestral Swiftness]

Now from here on your next 3 points are entirely up to you, and how you feel your playstyle fits them. Many people choose to put 2 into [Totemic Reach], yet personally I feel this is unnecessary when I am playing any spec but resto. Further a few of you will put 1 more into [Acuity] and 2 into [Elemental Warding] yet I must say that I feel [Spark of Life] is worth more for its cost than either of those.

It provides 15% more healing taken rather than 12% spell damage reduce. Please note that this is only really viable if you have a healer, 3 dps comps may want to ignore this. Yet this talent also gives you 6% more healing yourself, which is simply a nice cherry on top.


Prime: There is one issue of difference, between flame shock and flametongue weapon, I’ll talk about that in a moment.

[Glyph of Lava Burst]

[Glyph of Lightning Bolt]

Now I believe that Flame Shock is a more battleground oriented glyph, because you’ll be using it on many people and thus wont be refreshing it on the same person as much (WOW REDUNDANT). Because of this, and the fact that both it and the flametongue glyph are quite close in their actual effectiveness, I use [Glyph of Flametongue Weapon] for arena.

Major Glyphs:

Really only one way to go, obviously [Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem], then

[Glyph of Thunder]

and finally [Glyph of Elemental Mastery]

Some people may wish to go hex over EM, yet I value the defensive cd pretty greatly (saving EM for the perfect situation is the sign of a great shaman!).


Get [Glyph of Water Walking] or breathing to get in combat from teammates : ), all others are preference.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know! Videos and further guides incoming! Not giving up on you elemental shaman : ) <3

  • 0
    27 months ago
    when is this getting updated?because the talents points do not match up and were in 4.3 now plz help
  • 0
    28 months ago
    why the glyph [Glyph of Lightning Bolt] and not unleashed lighting?

  • 1
    30 months ago
    Has this been updated for 4.3?
  • 1
    40 months ago
    Are there new specs and posts ??
  • 7
    40 months ago
    with the 4.2 changes i find this a little outdated
  • 0
    43 months ago
    so then i have a quesiton, with the rolling thunder the way it is now, i can keep up mana really well and so i can keep up my mana a lot better, so if that is the case u think fulmination is a worth while talent in 3s?

    also is it better to get 1 point in warding and one in acuity or just pick one to dump both in?

    one final thing, would u recommend to use glyph of hex on a team with less ccs and if u have a lot of control to use ele mastery or is that more of a preference for each sham?
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    44 months ago
    Should I put 3 points into elemental warding or spark of life
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    45 months ago
    Thank you for this, mostly assured myself of what I was already doing thankfully. Nice knowing we were mostly thinking the same way.
    Do you really think Fulminate is worth the point?
    Due to mana issues i use water shield and hope I'm the kill target so i do not run out of mana while I am purging or throwing a quick offheal.

    Last thing I ever get to do is cast lightning bolt freely, I would rather have 12% less magical damage or 15% more healing received instead of super situational burst. Just my 2 cents would love your opinion on this also.
    Very happy to see you are still trying also!
    • 0
      45 months ago
      Fulminate is 100% necessary for 5v5, quite good in 3v3, and mehhhhh in 2v2.

      The mana itself is the best part of fulminate, though in 3s and 5s if you dont get focused you can certainly get some huge burst off.
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