Guide To: Paladin Talents and Updates in Catacylsm

by Archive // October 30, 2010

In the new Cataclysm expansion, the Holy talent tree for Paladins has gone through quite a few changes that are going to make gameplay much different for every player.

Here’s a link to the new talents in case anyone didn’t know where to find them..

Picking a Talent Spec has changed completely. First, you are supposed to pick your main tree. Picking your Main tree comes with a benefit called a Mastery and a few other bonuses. For Holy, you get 10% bonus healing, 50% of your mana regeneration gets to continue while casting. The Mastery is called Illuminated Healing – much like the legendary weapon from Ulduar’s effect, Illuminated Healing places a shield on your target after you heal them. The shield absorbs damage equal to at least 8% of your heal. The shield can be increased further by additional Mastery Rating, which is a new stat for Cataclysm.

Now I’ll go over each talent a Holy Paladin would be able to get from left to right in each Tier, except for the Prot/Ret talents.

Holy Talents

Tier 1

Arbiter of the Light – 2 Points, 6/12% higher chance to crit with Judgement or Templar’s Verdict. This is a talent that only a Retribution paladin would want to get.

Protector of the Innocent – 3 points, Casted heals also heal you for about 4500(At level 80). Really an amazing talent because of how Beacon of Light has been changed to only 50% healing. Also because it still does the bonus 4500 when you heal yourself, it essentially makes up for the lack of Sacred Shield.

Judgements of the Pure – 3 Points, increases your melee and spell haste by 3/6/9%. Originally a very deep holy talent, it has been moved to tier 1 in order to give Ret/Prot paladins the option to pick it up.

Tier 2

Clarity of Purpose – 3 Points, .5 seconds off the cast time of Holy Light and Divine Light. Divine Light is basically the old Holy Light, since Holy Light now costs very little mana and it heals for very little compared to your other heals. This talent is a replacement for Light’s Grace.

Last Word – 2 Points, it gives your Word of Glory spell a 30/60% higher chance to crit when used on someone under 35% health. Word of Glory is a new paladin spell that heals based off the amount of Holy Power you have.

Blazing Light – 2 Points, makes your Holy Shock and Exorcism do 10/20% more damage. This talent looks nice for very offensive players that will be okay with giving up some of their healing power, but I couldn’t really find points to drop to pick it up where it is now.

Tier 3

Denounce – 2 points, 38/75% mana cost reduction for Exorcism and your holy shock has a 25/50% chance to make your next exorcism cost no mana and be instant. Great if you want to be able to spam Exorcisms into people. At the moment, exorcism actually does a pretty good amount of damage to other players at 85; around 3500.

Divine Favor – 1 Point, 20% more haste and crit for 20 seconds. Completely changed from its original 100% chance to crit on your next heal, but this one can be glyphed to last 30 seconds so it’s just like the Shaman’s Elemental Mastery. No more following your holy shocks with instant flashes of light.

Infusion of Light – 2 Points, 10% more crit on Holy Shock, 1.5 seconds off the cast time of Holy Light for 2 points. This talent used to let you do instant flashes of light, but it has been changed pretty hard.  Since Word of Glory is basically your old instant flash of light, but better, it’s not a very big deal.

Daybreak – 2 Points, heals with a cast time have a 10/20% chance to make your holy shock not go on cooldown after using it, essentially letting you double holy shock. This is a very nice talent, though filled with RNG, it still needs to be picked up.

Tier 4

Enlightened Judgements – 2 Points, 50/100% of your spirit is = to hit rating, 5/10 more yards on judgement and your judgements heal you for about 1500/3000. You shouldn’t need to get both points in this talent. Personally, I have 10% extra hit with only 1 point at 80 and 5.02% at 85 in this and you don’t need over 5% in PvP. this is really just a PvE talent to let you never miss on bosses with judgment.

Beacon of Light – 50% of your healing also heals your beacon target, unless your heal was on that beacon target. This used to heal for 100% of your heal, but it was cut in half. Thanks to Protector of the Innocent, this nerf will not be very noticeable.

Speed of Light - 3 Points, it gives you 1%/2%/3% more haste, reduces the cooldown on Holy Radiance, a new aoe heal, by 30 seconds and gives you a 60% sprint for 4 seconds when that Holy Radiance is used. Essential talent at level 85 because it’s going to let you get around the map into better positions with much more ease.

Sacred Cleansing - Lets your cleanse also remove a magic effect. Completely changed since they reworked the dispel system. Without this talent, you can’t even take magic debuffs off.  100% required.

Tier 5

Conviction - 3 Points, 1/2/3% more damage and healing for 15 seconds after you crit, stacks 3 times. This used to be a ret talent, but it was given to holy paladins. Also, the 9% extra damage and healing is quite nice. Not 100% uptime though.

Aura Mastery – 1 Point, you can’t be interrupted by silences while casting for 6 seconds. This wasn’t changed at all, but it was moved much deeper into the tree.

Paragon of Virtue – 2 Points, reduces the cooldown on Divine Protection by 10/20 seconds, Avenging Wrath by 30/60 seconds and 15/30 seconds off Hand of Sacrifice. This is a MUST HAVE talent, it’s brand new and it’s great. Since Divine Protection, the old shield wall, was reduced to 20% reduction on a 1 minute cooldown, this talent makes it only a 40 second cooldown. Also, WINGS aka Avenging Wrath, was changed to be able to be used any time regardless of when you bubbled or if you have forbearance.

Tier 6

Tower of Radiance – 3 Points, 33/66/100% chance to give you a charge of Holy Power if you heal your Beacon of Light target directly with Flash of Light or Divine Light. This talent will be very important when it comes to keeping a partner alive because you need the Holy Power Charges to be able to use Word of Glory. Without this talent, you’ll get charges of holy power much slower and do much less healing.

Blessed Life – 2 Points, 50/100% chance to gain a charge of Holy Power when you get hit by direct damage. This talent pretty much lets you have infinite holy power when you’re being focused, though I wouldn’t get both points because it has a 8 second internal cooldown. I recommend just getting 1 point in it.

Tier 7

Light of Dawn – 1 Point, 20 second cooldown glyphed, Heals 5 people in front of you for about 1500 per holy power charge in a cone. Think of it like a huge Cone of Cold that heals and procs Protector of the Innocent. It’s almost never worth using or even getting.

Protection Talents

Tier 1

Divinity – 3 Points, Increases all healing done by you and on you by 2/4/6%. Pretty much makes your healing on yourself 12% better. Not sure if there will be enough points to get in until 85.

Eternal Glory – 15/30% chance for your Word of Glory to not consume Holy Power charges. This talent is quite amazing because it has the ability to let you spam Word of Glory, an instant 0 mana cost heal that heals for more than Holy Shock. The downside is that it’s based off chance and it can really let you down sometimes.

Tier 2

Improved Hammer of Justice – 2 Points, 10/20 seconds off the cooldown on Hammer of Justice. Not sure if there will be enough points to even get this, with all the good stuff in the early Ret. tree.

Retribution Talents

Tier 1

Crusade - 3 Points, Increases the damage and healing of Holy Shock by 10/20/30%, the other stuff is for ret. Great talent because Holy Shock is the lowest mana cost heal for Holy Paladins and this makes it even better.

Improved Judgment – 2 Points, 10/20 more yards on Judgment. With the Holy Talent also, you can get 50 yard judgments. This is going to be a necessary talent at 85 for sure.

Tier 2

Pursuit of Justice - 2 Points, 50/100% chance to get a charge of Holy Power after getting feared, stunned, or rooted and 8/15% faster movement. This talent will be very nice to pick up because it will make you slightly faster than most classes, making it much easier to get away or just get extra charges of Holy Power so you can use them once the stun or fear is over. Doesn’t stack with Blessed Life.

Glyph Changes

Another set of 3 glyphs, called Prime Glyphs, have been added. So you’re going to have 9 glyphs total, 3 prime, 3 major, 3 minor.

For Prime Glyphs, the best will be Divine Favor, 10 extra seconds on the duration of Divine Favor.

Holy Shock – 5% extra crit on Holy Shock.

Seal of Insight – 5% more healing with Seal of Insight on.

Word of Glory – 10% more Word of Glory healing.

For Major Glyphs, the best will be Beacon of Light, 30 seconds extra on the Beacon of Light duration.

Turn evil- instant cast turn evil with a 8 second cooldown.

Light of Dawn – 20% more healing on Light of Dawn and 10 seconds off the cooldown.

Cleansing – 20% less mana cost on cleanse.

Divine plea – 5% more additional mana returned by Divine Plea.

Divine Protection – 40% magic damage reduction with no physical damage reduction.

Minor – Kings/ Insight / Justice – All 50% mana cost reductions.

Thanks for reading!

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