Podcast: 6-15-2011 State of the Game

by Archive // June 15, 2011

The latest installment of the Skill Cast dives into the current state of the game.  The topics included are upcoming changes, the Tournament Realm, and speculations on class balance in PvP as well as discussion on comps.

Tosan hosts this week, and the guest on this episode’s show are:

  • 1
    24 months ago
    Do more podcast
  • 1
    26 months ago
    I also think you should do more podcasts. I enjoy listening to your wonderful voices on break at work lol.
  • 2
    27 months ago
    Just joined Skillcapped. Have the podcasts been discontinued? I guess I did not notice how dated so much of the material is, at least for a hunter. No gearing guide for 4.3 and now mop is upon us and so turned to podcasts and find the newest one is over a year old. I really am not the type to complain but I am questioning how up to date the information here is.
  • 0
    29 months ago
    As far as I know, there are no PvP podcasts out there. Which is weird, because I think PvPers have more to talk about than do the PvEers.
  • 1
    34 months ago
    is this tosan epic
  • 4
    35 months ago
    More podcasts please.
  • 11
    36 months ago
    More podcasts please. Doesn't have to wait for a patch. Podcasts could be about anything covered in the videos. Basics of a class, comps, strats... the world is your oyster...
    Agree with Benation. Wow has a huge podcast community and THERE IS NO PVP PODCAST out there. Produce more regularly, put on iTunes, advertise on wow web sites and push skill-capped.com throughout the podcast.
  • 3
    36 months ago
    WTB more podcasts
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