Gearing a Fresh 85: Priest

by Archive // December 13, 2010

Hey guys, this article will be going over how to properly gear for the upcoming bg and arena grinds that you will have to work with.  All of this gear in my opinion is optimal for either a holy priest or disc priest, and you can def. pick and choose whatever gear you feel would better reflect your personal play style.

The whole picture…

Basically, what you are doing is buying all of the tailor made resilience pieces so that when you go into BGs to grind your gear it will be tolerable in the sense that you should be way ahead of the curve when compared to others that only have questing gear compared to your full resil set. Essentially you will be the guy that everyone will stand behind as they watch you soak damage. So let’s see the gear that we are looking at.

The Goods…

[Emberfire Shoulders]

[Emberfire Belt]

[Emberfire Gloves]

[Emberfire Cowl]

[Emberfire Boots]

[Emberfire Pants]

[Emberfire Robe]

[Emberfire Bracers]

The mats for this: 360 [Embersilk Cloth] / 72 [Bolt of Embersilk Cloth]

31 [Volatile Fire] and 31 [Volatile Water]

How to use your honor…

Assuming you do have at least 4k honor cap i would immediately get [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity] since your main priority as a priest would be to fill the slots that you don’t have resil in with resilience. The Medallion trinket is by far the best upgrade for a healing priest. After that i would suggest obtaining off pieces.

Personally, I will be going the full regen route considering how terrible our regen is. If you feel that you would do better with haste, substitute my regen sets with a master haste blend. Instead of going full mastery or haste i feel that a good blend of the two would be optimal. And as usual i will be knocking out the hit/spell pen pieces first. But here are the actual pieces i will be getting.

Spell pen neck: [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Pendant of Diffusion]

Hit ring: [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Band of Accuracy]

Regen cloak: [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Drape of Meditation]

After all of this simply buy your flavor of gear (mine will be regen). Replacing the lowest item level pieces first.

For the weapons…

For this one i would get a staff that drops off of Earthrager Ptah in Halls of Origination. It is called the [Soul Releaser] and is pretty perfectly itemized for getting to the ultimate goal of [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Gavel] and [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Reprieve]. Yes the OH MH combo will still be better.

Other Possible weapon drops are as follows:

[Torturer's Mercy] – Blacrock Caverns – Rom’ogg Bonecrusher

[Prophet's Scepter] – The Stonecore –  High Priestess Azil

Other off pieces to think about…

As for the other pieces that you can obtain through dungeons, you can use whatever suits your play style. If you feel that you may have issues surviving or just want to put out more pressure with haste or spell power i would try to get these items…

[Witching Hourglass] – Blackrock Caverns – Ascendant Lord Obsidius

[Tear of Blood] – The Stonecore – High Priestess Azil

[Gale of Shadows] – Grim Batol – Erudax

There is more trinkets out there that may appeal to your liking but the ones i listed are my favorites. Now for the more safer and or regen friendly trinkets (I love these)..

[Sea Star] Throne of Tides – Ozumat

[Corrupted Egg Shell] Grim Batol – Erudax

[Tear of Blood] The Stonecore – High Priestess Azil (Yes i know this is listed twice, but it’s so good for a balance between regen and output that it’s under both lists… def. would highly recommended this trinket.)

As for the rings i would go for a regen ring, but you can also get an output ring to cater to those of you that wish to be more offensive etc…

Output ring(s) of choice..

[Spirit Creeper Ring] Lost city of the Tol’vir – General Husam

That’s about it… I really can’t find any good ring, but i would go for a haste/mastery output ring.

Regen ring(s) of choice…

[Kibble] Blackrock Caverns – Beauty

[Veneficial Band]  Lost city of the Tol’vir – Augh / Lockmaw

Enchanting your gear…

I won’t go into too much detail with this, but here is the jist of how i would enchant my gear..

Gloves – [Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery]

Belt – [Ebonsteel Belt Buckle]

Boots – [Enchant Boots - Lavawalker]

Helm – W/E the Tol Barad Enchant will be int/resi or spi/resi

Pants – [Powerful Ghostly Spellthread]

Chest – [Enchant Chest - Mighty Resilience]

Bracers – [Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Spirit]

Shoulders – W/E the Tol Barad enchant will be… int/resi or spi/resi

Off hand – [Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect]

Cloak – [Enchant Cloak - Greater Spell Piercing]

Now that you know how to gear…

You should honestly be very up to date and have a GIANT advantage over anyone who chooses to not put time and effort into their gearing. I sincerely hope that this will aid you along the way to obtaining the best gear possible.

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    25 months ago
    This is really out of date. I think that goes for a lot of things on

    You can find these cloth items listed as embersilk now, not emberfire.
  • 1
    33 months ago
    this gide totally needs an upgrade :) but kinda nice for those starting to gear up
  • 0
    34 months ago
    i was also using the alch trink reforged into crit insted of the dmc. it was AMAZING in rateds and reg bg's because i could always get away and drink... and i was healing like a pally, and outhealing restos... i mean, it wasnt uncommom for me to heal a lifebar to full in 2 casts. but for arena was favoring the resil trink and the inner fire glyph, since i was running with a frost dk and peels arent the easiest with the comp. basically, not being able to find reliable or experienced mages or rogues, these things made it easier to play with very few peels.
  • 0
    34 months ago
    this season i actually went for as much crit and haste as i could get, sacrificing mastery and even a little spirit... here was my rationalization.... (tell me if its crap lol) but, i figured at 14% crit with 3 to 4% haste i was geting a crit once every 4 casts or ticks... more towards 2 out of 4, but a little under.. and i was thinking that the crits were actually saving mana since it would take like 4 flashes sometimes to get over necro's and healing debuffs. But, the drawback was, if i would get to oom, i was screwed. where as a pally or maybe a priest with 2200 spirit could stay afloat waiting only 3 seconds for shild or flash to be ready again. having never broken 1800, im wondering if going oom is a big concern for you for these reasons... or if, at a certain level of play with the right comp going oom shouldnt happen at all?
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    47 months ago
    Hello. I finally have enough conquest to get a vicious gladiator's weapons. I run as a disc priest and am trying to decide on the energy staff vs. the reprieve & dagger/mace.

    I've heard some say the main hand / off hand is better than the staffs, but the extra spirit from the staff seems nice to me.

    Any opinions? Thanks.
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      45 months ago
      With the off-hand enchant nerf, staff is noticeably superior.
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    47 months ago
    Okay I'm sorry, didn't read the entire thread. Sorry about that. :)
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    47 months ago
    I did some poking around and a bit of research and the spellpen cap is about 240 atm.

    The motw buff and pally auras don't stack with racials (like Blelf racials of 85 arcane resistance), but Mage armor does. So unless I've obtained wrong info, the spellpen cap is 240; 195 from auras and 45 from Mage armor. ;)
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    47 months ago
    What about weapon enchants? Staff vs 1 hand? I am not up on the new enchants much at all.
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      47 months ago
      Staff will be the best as far as regen goes, since there is no one hand weapons with spirit on them, there is a book but the staff gives double. Also you get more resi, so i like it!

      The choice for your weapon enchant is between heartsong or power torrent.

      Power torrent gives 500 int. for 12 seconds, and heartsong gives 200 spirit for 15 seconds. In the beginning ill be getting power torrent, but once my gear is superb ill switch to more regen.
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