Affliction Warlock WoW PvP Guide | 6.2 Talents, Glyphs, Stats, Gear & Enchants

by Bigmoran // May 23, 2016

This guide will cover some of the most fundamental information for Affliction Warlocks in Arena.

RBG Basic Strategy Guide: Capture-the-Flag

by Bigmoran // April 15, 2016

This series of guides will cover some very basic strategy information for every RBG map. This is not intended to be an in-depth, step-by-step outline of every possible RBG situation, but rather it is a guide for players who are looking to get into rated battlegrounds with the intention of getting into a leadership position. This first guide will cover some basic information about Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks.

RBG Target Calling

by Bigmoran // April 4, 2016

Though the meta has seemed to deviated from single target damage to more AoE centric damage profile, it is still important to know how to target call in RBGs. In this guide I will go over how to approach target calling, dismissing some common myths about what makes a good target caller and focusing on what target calling strategy you should employ in different situations.

Opinion: Could the Conquest Format Work in WoW?

by Bigmoran // March 30, 2016

I have never liked the word “esports.” In fact, I don’t like many words with the e- prefix: ecommerce, etrade, ebanking. While I recognize that there needs to be some way to distinguish the tangible brick-and-mortar type establishments in our society from the intangible mess of the internet, there is something so cheapening about this simple morpheme. The debate over what to call competitive video games is a bit foolish to me, but seeing the reaction from the establishment puts a smile on my face. Though I’m quite certain that my dad will never fully recognize or appreciate esports for what they truly are, namely a rigorous test of mechanical skill and mental prowess, it is certain that esports are here to stay.

World of Warcraft has had a bittersweet journey in the domain of esports. The earliest competitions date back to 2007 with the World Series of Video Games, where Pandemic Gaming (then coached by Vhell), competed against MOB Gaming in the clunkiest and most awkward series of 3v3 matches I have ever seen. The tournament format has seen plenty of iterations, and WoW esports have matured into a more organized structure. The most recent change to WoW tournaments was introduction of the four man roster, something which we saw played out at Blizzcon 2015. Whether or not this format is healthy for WoW esports has been questioned by some, but one thing is certain: WoW seems to be lacking the sort of footing that other games seem to have when it comes to delivering an enjoyable esports experience.

Ideal Comp for RBGs, Updated for Patch 6.2.4

by Bigmoran // March 25, 2016

It’s been a while since I last updated my top RBG comp. After realizing that my last update was in September, I think it’s time to reveal the best RBG comp in this current patch. Bear in mind that much of the “core” comp has remained the same. Rogues and Warlocks are still the backbone of any good RBG comp. That being said, I hope you can take away something useful from this guide.

Short Opinion: Pruning

by Bigmoran // March 23, 2016

Discussion on WoW Forums:

Very rarely do PvP and PvE game design opinions converge. Often there is great disagreement between PvP and PvE players about what is healthy for the game, what makes for interesting class design, and what can be sustained for future expansions. Ability pruning is an exception. Players on both the PvP forums of fansites and on the PvE centric board of reddit’s /r/wow have expressed concern over the future of ability pruning and its role in class design.

Frost Mage WoW PvP Guide | 6.2 Talents, Glyphs, Stats, Gear & Enchants

by Noliferqt // March 14, 2016

This guide will cover some of the most fundamental information for Frost Mages in Arena.

Restoration Druid WoW PvP Guide | 6.2 Talents, Glyphs, Stats, Gear & Enchants

by Bigmoran // March 9, 2016

This guide will cover some of the most fundamental information for Restoration Druids in Arena.

Warrior WoW PvP Guide | 6.2 Talents, Glyphs, Stats, Gear & Enchants

by Joefernandes // February 25, 2016

This guide will cover all the supplemental information you need to know before even queuing an arena game. This article will explain optimal talents, glyphs, and gear and how to adjust these depending on individual matchups.

When to Trinket as a Healer

by Bigmoran // February 17, 2016

As a healer one of the most important skills in your toolkit is knowing when you should trinket CC. Mastering this skill is imperative for being successful in the current meta, where CD decisions must be precisely coordinated with your team. Having consistently bad trinkets can be extremely damaging to your ability to climb the ladder and find arena success.

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