Patch 4.3 - Season 11 Arena - WoW Guide to the New PvE Trinkets from Dragon Soul

by Cel // December 13, 2011

Today, I would like to share as much information as I can with all of you on the hot new trinkets that were revealed with 4.3 and the Dragon Soul raid.  At first glance, these look like solid additions to anyone’s raid set that they are working towards.  However, when taking a closer look, these trinkets will have a major impact on PvP.

We will look at:

  • What trinkets they are and what they do
  • How to Get Them
  • Why they will have a significant impact on PvP this Season

Season 10 Ends - What Are Titles, and How Do I Get Them?

by Cel // November 22, 2011

Greetings Skill Capped!

In this article, I will address the frequent questions asked by newer players to PvP.  The end of the season brings titles and rewards, but what do they mean?!  Or you maybe you already know what they mean, but you aren’t sure if your team is going to qualify for the title you worked hard for.  Fear not, I have answers to these questions!

The Match Making Rating (MMR) Change - How It Works Now

by Cel // November 14, 2011

Hello Skill Capped!  Today I wanted to fill you guys in on something I picked up floating around the internet.  A great guy by the name of Diziet who has helped us out in the past described how the new MMR system works really well, and I wanted to share.  He has given me permission to re post it for all to enjoy and learn from!

In this article, I will explain:

  1. how the new system in place works
  2. Why it had such a terrible effect on Season 10
  3. What I believe it’s impact will be on Season 11

Rated BG FAQ

by Cel // January 7, 2011

The following is taken directly from WoW’s official site, and clears up any general questions you may have about Rated BG’s and how they work.


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