Bleached Bones Tournament - $30,000 prize pool

by Cottage // July 3, 2013


Beginning this Friday, July 5th, fans of high level World of Warcraft arena PvP will be in for a real treat.  A high profile World of Warcraft tournament will be taking place this weekend.  The League of Arenas tournament, hosted by Bleached Bones, sports a prize pool of over $30,000.  The top players in the world, including several Skill-Capped contributors, will engage in fast paced arena battle, in a brand new scheme which hopes to ensure balanced, lively matches that everyone will be able to enjoy.

Gearing and Reforging in Season 9: Restoration Druid

by Cottage // February 11, 2011

In this article I am going to talk about Gearing, Reforging and Stat priority for Restoration Druids in Season 9.

Talents and Glyphing: Restoration Druids

by Cottage // January 13, 2011

There’s a lot of confusion about the best specializations. In this article I’ll shed light on Restoration Druid PvP talents and show you the best ones for Arenas and Battlegrounds.

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