Elemental Shaman - Talents and Glyphs

by Emlb // February 14, 2011

In this article I will be going over the base talents and glyphs for an Elemental Shaman, as well as giving you insight to specific talents I take.

Arena guide to success: Getting on a team, choosing your own partners, and increasing team cohesiveness

by Emlb // May 5, 2010

Part 2: Choosing YOUR partners, how and where.

For this exercise we are assuming that you have a solid reputation as no less than a 2k+ player of your class/spec in both 3v3 and 5v5. You have at least a solid 5v5 team that gives you enough points to have optimal gear. You are vocal in arena and only sometimes make game-costing mistakes. We are going to search for people to create a 3v3 team, yet many of the characteristics I’ll describe can be given to a 2s partner as well.

Choosing Arena Partners

by Emlb // March 26, 2010

Part 1: Getting skilled partners in order to succeed in the arena.

I am going to propose a hypothetical situation of the most depressing sort in order for us to truly start from the bottom. Pretend for this exercise that you know of no one on your server, no one knows of you, you quite literally have zero reputation, neither negative nor positive. How then will you aquire teammates worth your time? Teammates that can help you towards the goal of your choosing (be it gladiator, duelist, 2k, whatever)

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