Cataclysm Glyphing: Affliction Warlock

by Filovirus // February 2, 2011

There are many different glyph combinations that you can choose as an Affliction Warlock. This article will go over the various glyphs and glyph combinations that you should use.

Cataclysm Talents: Affliction Warlock

by Filovirus // January 21, 2011

There are generally two different talent specializations that I would recommend for an Affliction Warlock. This article will discuss both specs, and the advantages offered by both.

Gearing a Fresh 85: Warlock

by Filovirus // January 5, 2011

This article will cover the fastest and best ways to gear for Arena and Battlegrounds as a Warlock. Generally, there are two avenues that you can pursue in order to obtain your gear. Dungeons and raids provide PvE gear while Battlegrounds offer honor gear. As a warlock, you generally want to be wearing large amounts of PvP gear because resilience is invaluable. If you’re wearing best-in-slot PvE gear,  you’re not going to survive against other players.

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