Season 11 - Elemental Shaman: Gear Stats Gems and Reforging

by Hevan // March 1, 2012


Hello everyone!

In this article I will be showing you everything about Elemental Shaman Stats, Gear, Gems and Reforging for the new PvP Season 11.

Season 11 - Restoration Shaman: Gear Stats Gems and Reforging

by Hevan // December 13, 2011


A new season has arrived, which means, new gear!
There have been a few changes regarding Restoration Shamans and the new Season, which will affect the way we prioritize our stats, gems and enchants.

Resto Shaman: Stat Priority, Gearing, Talents (Season 10)

by Hevan // September 6, 2011


This article will give an overview on how to effectively Gear, Gem, Reforge and spend Talents for PvP on your Restoration Shaman!

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