Stat priority: Frost Mage

by Jamage // February 2, 2011

Frost Stat Priority

With changes to talents and stats in the expansion it may be difficult to know which stats to go for. In this article I will go over what stats are more important and how much to get.

Best Gear in Season 9: Frost Mage

by Jamage // February 2, 2011

If you are unsure of what gear is obtainable this season, look no further. You may want to read my article on stat priority to learn what stats are best as frost, but in this article I will go over some of the best items available for frost mages starting with the best items and going down.

Gearing a Fresh 85: Mage

by Jamage // December 13, 2010

You just hit level 85 after hours of completing quests. So, now what? Well, upgrading those quest greens is a great way to start. Gearing in a new expansion can be very confusing, but if you know what you are going for it can be quite simple. Which gear you are going for depends on your spec, what comp you are running, and whether you are focusing on BGs or arena.

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