Rated Battlegrounds: Team-Compositions

by Thomson // June 2, 2011

One of the most frequently questions I am asked is which setup should be played in Rated Battlegrounds. In my opinion this question cannot be answered by simply naming ten classes. It takes a longer explanation why you  should not play without some classes. Furthermore it does not help you to play with a perfect setup if you do not know how to use the members of your group effectively.

Battlegrounds - Then and Now

by Thomson // May 4, 2011

Most of you probably got to know Battlegrounds as something cruel, time-wasting, and boring during the last two expansions.  I decided to start my Rated-Battleground articles with a flashback on how Battlegrounds and PvP in general got it’s start, and how the player’s view on it changed during seven years of World of Warcraft.

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