In Pursuit Of The Hunt - A PvP’ers Guide To Hunter Specializations.

by Yoske // December 12, 2014


I have been finding myself frequently being asked the question “Which spec is FOTM this season?”. The answer to this question, is none. They are all viable.

I am going to go through what specialization you want to be in PvP, mostly arena, and why. Keep in mind this is aimed at readers with knowledge on the basics of the game and how things work, up towards the end of Mists of Pandaria and pre-patch of Warlords of Draenor. With that being said, I will go over any Warlords of Draenor changes that are key in choosing your desired specializations as a hunter.

The 3 specializations are unique in their own way and give you the wonderful freedom to choose what you desire to play in accordance to your play style and preferences.

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