Tips on Becoming a Better Arena Player

by Jayfer // June 20, 2011

Hello Skill-Capped Fanbase!  This article will guide you to becoming a better player, through things you can do when you’re playing World of Warcraft and when you are not.  Some of these to be mentioned are obvious, other activities are more “thinking outside the box” type things, but all of these tips to becoming a better player will help you if you keep an open mind about them.  Let’s get started with things you can do in World of Warcraft to improve your gameplay.

From Bad to Glad: The First Step

by Dahis // January 21, 2011

This is the first installment in a series of articles and videos that will document my attempt to start an entirely new class (Hunter) and become a Gladiator in less than one full arena season. Because I will be pursuing this end in a calculated and deliberate manner, I hope that my own experience and insight during this process will help others to achieve similar goals in the future. To be more concise, this series is intended to create a system that will help aspiring Gladiators reach their goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.

New BG/Arena System Overview

by Minor // December 26, 2010

As you know, with the coming of the Cataclysm expansion, the arena/honor point system has changed. I’ll briefly go over these changes to familiarize you with the new system.

The Fundamentals of Crowd Controlling – Part 3/3: Stuns

by Minor // September 1, 2010

Crowd controlling (CCing) has one of the greatest roles in arena game play, so understanding the best ways to utilize your team’s CC and putting it into action puts your team in a good position in the arena match. CC can be separated into three categories: interrupts, casted CC, and stuns, with the first two already being covered in parts 1 and 2 of this article series. Stuns are unique compared to other CCs, because although they have both offensive and defensive capabilities, their offensive potential is shown by providing an opportunity to focus damage into a target for an immense amount of pressure for even the kill.

The Fundamentals of Crowd Controlling – Part 2/3: Casted CC

by Minor // August 27, 2010

Crowd controlling (CCing) is very important in arena game play, so it is vital to understand the best ways to utilize and maximize the CC a team has. CCs can be separated into three different categories: interrupts (which was covered in part 1 of this guide), casted CC (part 2), and stuns (part 3). A clear understanding of the different ways to use your CC helps you adapt to certain situations by utilizing your CC correctly, both defensively and offensively.

The Fundamentals of Crowd Controlling (Part 1/3: Interrupts)

by Minor // August 11, 2010

Crowd controlling (CCing)

Is one of the most important aspects in arena game play. It is extremely difficult and frustrating to play against players who execute crowd controlling and chain crowd controls well with their team. There are multiple factors for a player to decide on how to use his or her crowd control and who to use it on. The proper use of crowd control is dependent on individual play, as well as team coordination.

What Makes a Good Arena Player (Part 2)

by Pballer // July 8, 2010

Hey guys, Pballer here again with part 2 of the “What Makes a Good Arena Player” series.

As I did in the first article, I’m going to break down what generally makes for a “good” arena player. I will explain the amount of thought that goes into higher levels of arena play, and what you should expect from your opponents. For part 2 of this series, I’ll break down the categories “Knowledge of Game Mechanics” and “Balancing Offense and Defense” into the same eight levels that I detailed the first time around. I will also base that categorization on the skill exhibited at each level and what you should expect from that caliber player. The goal of this break down is to help you understand what separates each caliber of player and what you can personally do to step up your game!

What Makes a Good Arena Player? (Part 1)

by Pballer // June 21, 2010

Hey guys, Pballer here with my first attempt at an article. For this series of articles, I’m going to take on the daunting task of breaking down what generally makes for a “good” arena player. I will explain the amount of thought that goes into higher levels of arena play, and what you should expect from your opponents. I plan on breaking down the categories “Situational Awareness” and “Response Time” into eight levels, based on the amount of skill required at each level and what to expect.

Arena guide to success: Getting on a team, choosing your own partners, and increasing team cohesiveness

by Emlb // May 5, 2010

Part 2: Choosing YOUR partners, how and where.

For this exercise we are assuming that you have a solid reputation as no less than a 2k+ player of your class/spec in both 3v3 and 5v5. You have at least a solid 5v5 team that gives you enough points to have optimal gear. You are vocal in arena and only sometimes make game-costing mistakes. We are going to search for people to create a 3v3 team, yet many of the characteristics I’ll describe can be given to a 2s partner as well.

Choosing Arena Partners

by Emlb // March 26, 2010

Part 1: Getting skilled partners in order to succeed in the arena.

I am going to propose a hypothetical situation of the most depressing sort in order for us to truly start from the bottom. Pretend for this exercise that you know of no one on your server, no one knows of you, you quite literally have zero reputation, neither negative nor positive. How then will you aquire teammates worth your time? Teammates that can help you towards the goal of your choosing (be it gladiator, duelist, 2k, whatever)