Podcast: 6-15-2011 State of the Game

by Archive // June 15, 2011

The latest installment of the Skill Cast dives into the current state of the game.  The topics included are upcoming changes, the Tournament Realm, and speculations on class balance in PvP as well as discussion on comps.

Tosan hosts this week, and the guest on this episode’s show are:

Podcast: 4-14-2011 Patch 4.1 Discussion and Tournament Realm Speculation

by Archive // April 20, 2011

Belligerentz hosts the bi monthly Skill Cast with discussion on the most recent patch that is coming out, as well as speculation on the soon to launch Tournament Realm.  He is joined by an all star lineup of contributors:

Podcast: State of the Game 3-28-2011

by Archive // March 30, 2011

Welcome to another installment of the Skill Cast Podcast!  This podcast includes discussion on what comps are hot, which have fallen off, class representation, Patch Notes, and even Skill Capped Forum discussion!  The Guests on this Skill Cast are:

Podcast:2-8-2011 In Depth Look into Patch 4.0.6

by Archive // February 9, 2011

In this episode of the Skill Cast, a large group of players take an in depth look into the most recent patch in Cataclysm:  4.0.6.  They give a class by class analysis and give projections on how they think the game has changed.

Podcast: 1-3-11 State of Arena, Comps, and Balances in the Future

by Archive // January 6, 2011

This installment of the Skill-Capped Skill-Cast hosted by Izekial covers a range of topics, starting with the state of arena.  There is discussion on projections for the future of the season and engaging talk on mechanics and comps.  The Featured guests are:

Podcast: 12-8-10 Cataclysm Release and Expectations

by Archive // December 9, 2010

Belligerentz hosts a podcast covering projected expectations of the upcoming expansion, along with plans during the day of release!  Featured guests are:

Podcast: 11-15-10 State of the Game

by Archive // November 15, 2010

I am pleased to reveal our inaugural Skill Capped Podcast!  In this episode I go over exciting new site changes being made.  Also, I am joined by an all star line up of guests as we discuss the state of the game, and reveal predictions about Cataclysm.  We hear in depth discussion from: Xmo, Raycharles, Belligerent, Emcl, Miirkat, Enforcer, and Izekial.

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