Moderation is something we take very seriously here at We take pride in the fact that our forums are clean, constructive, and positive. We have moderators specifically for their class forum, as well as global moderators. Both of these types of moderators are selected, rather than given privileges by default.

There are NO FORUMS that are an exception to moderation, including the RNG Forums. While it is a forum where people can talk about whatever they want, we still expect it to be civil and positive.

Last, all members should be aware:
  • If you repeatedly break our forum policies after being warned, you well be removed from the site without a refund. Paying for a subscription does not entitle anyone to disrespect other people.

Member Forum Guidelines

This is a list of behavior that is unacceptable on our forums.

Software Piracy / Illegal Activities
  • Discussing or posting links to illegal torrents.
  • Posting links to or encouraging illegal activities.

Racial Slur / Discrimination
  • Using well known racial slurs, religious slurs, slurs relating to sexual orientation.
  • Insulting users based on their race, religion, or sexuality.
  • Creating a thread with the expressed intent of encouraging discriminatory discussion.

  • Posting a link to a site containing pornographic material.
  • Disguising a link to trick users into visiting a site containing pornographic material.
  • Embedding pornographic material in a post.

Class/Rating/BG Bashing
  • Insulting a user based on their class, BG, or current ratings. Please focus on the argument they are making.

  • Spamming.
  • Whine threads - Don't create threads just to QQ.
  • Site Bashing threads - While some people may experience technical issues, or do not necessarily agree with something we are doing, the forums are not the place to voice your opinion or problems. for anything related.
  • Mod Bashing - This won't be tolerated. See the Mod Behavior Guidelines
  • Posting to incite arguments or increase their post count.

Insulting Posts
  • Any post that contains no content and just attempts to insult the poster.

Against Blizzard's Terms of Service
  • Account Selling / Trading -We do not allow this as it is against Blizzard's TOS.
  • How to/where etc to Bot. The topic botting is fine, as it is obviously an in game issue, but sites/programs etc should never come into the equation.
  • Anything else that breaks TOS.

Advertising/Promoting Sites
  • Talking about other community sites is fine (AJ, WCM, Tankspot, etc). However, advertising a rating selling site or gold selling sites etc. is not acceptable. This is subjective, but is solely our discretion as to whether it's permitted
  • Advertising a youtube channel/video for ANY reason other than wanting help from the community is prohibited. This judgement is solely our discretion.

Contributor Moderation Guidelines

Our contributors are obviously held to higher standards than our members. Being a contributor on Skill Capped means that you are a professional. You are being paid to act professionally in any situation, and failure to do so will result in a reevaluation of your services to our community. So, on top of the previously listed, here are a few more guidelines to follow:
  • Contributors are official representatives of Skill Capped. They should act as such. A Contributor should never engage in flame wars, insult other members, or post in an otherwise inappropriate manner on our forums. We hold our Contributors to a higher level of conduct and will come down on Contributors very hard who break this rule.
  • Moderators are representative of Skill Capped's admins. You are entitled the respect that comes with that. If any user shows flagrant disregard or disrespect for your moderation duties please let us know and we will take the appropriate action.
  • Mods nor Contributors should never carry out personal agendas, especially with their moderation privileges. If you feel there is a conflict of interest report the post and a decision will be made on what the best course of action is.
  • Reported Posts should be responded to as promptly as possible. Mods should try to follow it back to where it started and take the appropriate actions.