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  1. irunfast
    But you don't do that? If no whats your reasoning?
  2. irunfast
    Dude I was just looking over it and was going to post here that i'm a retard and found it. Anyways you beat me to it. Question for ya, if you don't mind? I guess I should be posting this in the Q&A section but i'm not sure. Say your in cat form but you want to cast rejuv on someone / yourself, do you first shift out of cat form and into caster then cast rejuv? Cause you can cast rejuv straight from cat or bear but you have rejuv bound to the same bindings as other abilities in bear or cat.

    And i'll be checking back for your updated addons.

  3. irunfast
    Sup Mirrkat

    Do you have a list of your addons anywhere? I've seen screenshots of your UI (which is really clean btw), and I just can't seem to figure out all of the addons you use.

    Thanks in advance
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