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  1. Slyck
    Hiya Rug, long time no see. How goes the family life?
  2. Nytemare
    Thanks man ha, ive actually been out in the field most of this week so i really didnt even notice it cuz ive only been on the site on my phone but when i saw it i instantly went to an old post to see if it was real :P i Really didnt think i got noticed outside a few people who have messaged bit i guess a few more have
  3. Rugmouse
    Both Mastery and Crit are excellent stats for Sub Rogues. Mastery increases our damage from Eviscerate very nicely (which is our big burst ability while dancing/blades), but at the same time it is actually quite dependent on scoring a Critical Strike during burst attempts.

    By leaning more towards Crit, you are essentially taking a bit of the RNG out of the equation at the expense of a bit of damage on Eviscerate. The contributors involved in the article agreed that more reliable burst was worth the loss of damage.

    But like I said, both avenues are more than viable - you'll have to play around with it and see what suits your play style the best!
  4. Infexious
    Should I stack mastery or crit for sub pvp. Everyone goes mastery but guides say otherwise? Confusing
  5. Rugmouse
    @Hassanni - Haha, thanks man! Welcome aboard! If you've got questions don't hesitate to post on the forums. This community is amazing.
  6. Hassanni
    You should get paid. I just subscribed because of your very helpful posts.
  7. Rugmouse
    @illuminatieq - nah I actually transferred to Illidan Horde now - Blackrock was terrible =(

    Would have definitely fun to queue some games, though. If you ever find yourself on Illidan, hit me up!
  8. illuminatieq
    Sup meng - you on Blackrock horde? Wish you were on Malganis, we could queue -.-
  9. Rugmouse
    @submitx - unfortunately Pally healers don't do all that well with Rogue partners from what I'm told. Rogues require a lot of babysitting and a Pally would have to compromise positioning pretty frequently to top a Rogue off - this would lead to mad cc on the pally, or hard swaps =(

    Although at this point - I just wanna
  10. Submitx
    Hey bud. Any interest in a Pally Healer?
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