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  1. Azighal
    my buddy is going to main a DH and he wants advice about what covenent to play for pvp
  2. Valcarious
    I'm sorry I post a lot I just am real excited about the game :/
  3. Waldy
    Hey dude, I saw your posts earlier - I've seen a lot of focus on assa rogues at the moment but i'm trying out sub instead. a) is this a dum idea and b) are you bringing out a new sub video anytime soon? (i saw you'd mentioned a rogue class video is coming out soon). I am very much trying to get into arena properly and hit 1800 - 2k+ by probably doing ret-rogue with a friend who is also new (i will be recruiting him to SkillCapped potentially), do you think Rogue ret is doable? (ive not played since WOTLK and things have changed a lot!)
  4. DocMesa
    I like the recent videos on Arms PVP but I was wondering if there's going to be on prot or gladiator PVP at all?
  5. yigitcanzafer

    I was looking forward for some hunter videos but there are none after latest patch. I am checking daily. When can we see new survival hunter videos?
  6. yuyochaplin
    hi mystic, i need help about information of warrior classes, i was triying to find new videos about the rotation, burst, and macros about fury or arms spec in this new season but there is nothing, please i want to learn how to play it well, thanks you very much
  7. petergoodfellow
    mystic whats your kill target vs LSD and God comp?
    currently running shaman KFC at 1900 rating and its all we face now
  8. Elmasterd
    Hey mystic is there a posibility you would update ret paladins dueling guide for dks , ferals , enhshammy , rogue and warrior... would like to see you perspective
  9. couchstyle
    Hi mystic, I'm getting to that 1900 point and wondering what I should be working on besides just rbging or playing ransoms over and over. Today we fought a 2400 rbg team and held our own as a 1850cr team.

    Is there anything that could enhance my gameplay from a semi-general perspective.

    Much thanks,
  10. Doox
    Hi Mystic,

    Im playing retribution paladin in 3s. But my positionning in arena is really bad. Can you try to make a video about positionning (defensively and offensively) as a retribution paladin.

    best regards,
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