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  1. Ebx
    Thanks for your input! The reason that beastcleave was hard is because the shaman is very good with his shocks and timing of his grounding totems. We managed to survive lust just as my priest dies. Against an average beadtcleave w/o shaman shocks it was easier.
  2. Izekial
    I am not playing dispelcleave at the moment, but i may pick it back up again...

    But for your issues... beastcleave can be beat by you guys... the thing you want to do is get lust off, and peel as much as possible... this could be achieved by doing this... When the lust your warrior disarms the hunter... your druid cyclones the shaman... while the hunter is disarmed clean his lust... and then as the shaman is coming out of cyclone try to clean his lust off then aswell.. .followed by a quick md to get it off of the wolves. Then just live and outlast... their dmg shouldnt be too bad after that point.

    For the mancleave... this can be hardish, but you can score a kill on anything really... just alternate cyclones on the warriors and try to either catch the pally in a cyclone > fear... or just have all 3 of you switch to the pally and kill him..

    Shatterplay can be hard... but just keep on your toes and look for their swaps... that team relies on catching healers offguard and capitalizing with blanket silence... But just have your warrior stick spriest and peel him, or have him go mage if your confident enough to dispel him out of the snares (this strat is more effective, but harder to pull off) and just use fear to stop their burst attempts
  3. Ebx
    Hi izekial,

    Are you not playing dispelcleave anymore? My team with the resto druid variation just hit 2300 thanks to ur earlier tips. Our team has decent win loss ratios and every loss is being analysed very thoroughly. However, i have a few questions regarding this comp:

    Beastcleave - they went nuts on my priest. The damage to heal was really insane. My warrior made a mistake by going on the hunter's pet.

    Arms warrior / Prot warrior / Paladin

    Shatterplay - they go for me the resto druid
  4. Izekial
    ty I LOVE seeing stuff like this!
  5. Tiger
    Hey Izekial. Just want to thank you for all your activity with making videos and posting in forums. You've been very helpful.
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