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    Mage/DK/Disc vs TSG.. pulling my hair out

    Hey ladies and gents.. so i play priest and we're hitting a wall at 2650 because these random 2300 TSGs get us on ruins every time and tank us 25-30 points.

    Is there any way to beat this team.. i literally sit back until my mage is at 25% health, pop out to heal and get charged snared and eventually dieing to this brainless comp. My partners can peel like beasts but its just stupid how fast they can kill a priest.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated because we're so close to glad

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    Hey There!

    XMO recently made an overview of this comp, where he points out some really solid tips in general.

    Against TSG, your mage is a key player. His job is to have a root or a cc on at least one of the melee at all times, keeping their damage separated. They put out unhealable damage when they connect on someone, so it should never happen. Your kill target should be the healer on ruins especially, since he has hardly anywhere to go. You can use RoF offensively around the healer coming out of a deepfreeze to try and keep him in LoS of you.

    If for some reason you are unable to score a kill on the healer early (using the set up XMO goes over to kill healers) a switch is quite effective if you put the healer immediately into a sheep or HC (whatever is available at the time). This will quickly force at least one of the DPS off of their target. I would go on whichever dps has blown more survival cooldowns (probably the DK since he usually will AMS/icebound offensively for openers).

    other than that, just make sure your mage and dk are coordinating burst opportunities, because a mage's damage is not effective unless timed properly. I know these are general tips and you guys seem to already have a solid grasp, but I can't stress enough how important a mage's role is against this team. trying to alternate sheeps and roots between the dps is probably what's going to make or break this matchup, as any healer will fall behind on dispels with a mage/dk harassing them, so be sure to multitarget cc as much as possible.

    blow all of your defensive cooldowns on their first burst attempt on you. after your mage/dk's second kill attempt (HC/Strang are back up with a pet nova/shatter/deep/RoF) you will most likely lose, so these first two burst windows are probably where you need to score your kill against TSG.

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    I run this comp currently to 2760 on live, TSG is one of the harder comps for us because of exactly what you said in your post, they can just kill the priest. You should beat tsg 4/5 times, sometimes they can just get good rng and connect and kill you. You as the priest want to stay back as far as possible and let the mage and the dk start hard on the DK, let the DK get a hungering cold on the healer, you want to not use deep ring, because deep ring is very good to peel a priest. Get dmg on the dk and force his cooldowns. Usually now you will get gripped in and they will be on you hard, try and shield freedom around a pole and have your mage drop a ring of frost in the direction your running so the melee will be forced to run through it. Get around a pilliar and top off. If they throwdown you make sure you pain suppression and trinket, and immediately use inner focus, a lot of times people will immediately strang after trinket making you immune. By this time the death knight should be roughly out of cooldowns and the paladin should have gone through bubble trinket between the polymorphs and the hungering cold, strangulates. Get a full CC on the healer, fear if you can and you should be able to get a kill on the DK.

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