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    While the felhunter does decent damage the reason it does such strong damage for affliction is because shadowbite(it's basic attack) deals extra damage the more of your dots that are on the target. While you technically could maintain bane of agony etc as well it's not optimal. It also has a woeful demon soul for destruction and the imp one is the only viable one.

    So awsome demon soul + decent ranged damage(my imp does over 3k dps alone so i'm pleased with him) + dispel and it's already enough to convince me to ditch the fel hunter for the imp. On top of that you have 4% chance to get free instant soul fires(that's a hell of a lot higher then 0%! infinetely so even) and it also maintains burning embers for even more added damage and dispel protection.

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    Been messing around with destro for about a week and after 2k it feels almost worthless. The damage is just awful, as much as I love playing destro I dont see how people are having great success with it. What ratings are the people playing destro in this thread playing at? Am I just doing it wrong?

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    Hmm i see, well at the moment ill just play with the stupid burst damage they have at level 29 and enjoy that and work all the dammage out at 85.
    And i think its alot more of a RBG spec than it is a Arena spec mate.

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