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    Warlock's role in MLS

    Hello guys, I joined some months ago and so far I really enjoy it here I improved alot from watching every warlock contributers videos and I just want to say thank you all the community is awesome !

    I felt that i couldnt find any topic related to what I'm about to ask and I searched for a really long time so I decided to make a thread but if there already is threads I apologize.. also for my shit grammar .

    I havent played serious since s8 back then my biggest accomplishment were duelist and this season I decided that I'm going to play serious again and hopefully push for glad but I need your guys help.

    So first of all the plan is to go MLS with a good friend of mine neither of us have played this comp before and its completly new to us we still looking for a shaman so we havent been able to try it out just yet. I know abit of what this comp is and how it works:

    - Can put out alot of damage and keep sick pressure the entire match
    - Can kill something in a deep
    - Really good Crowd Control
    - Basicly any target are viable for a kill

    And obviosly to avoid:

    - Overlapping our CS's
    - Overlapping our Deep/Coil

    So I got some questions that I been wondering about:

    1 - What exactly is the Warlock's role in this comp?

    2 - What exactly is the Mage's role in this comp (asking for my friend his also skill-capped subbed)

    3 - I read somewhere that the should avoid polymorphing too much and just focusing on putting out as much damage as possible while leaving the CC duty to the is this correct?

    4 - Maybe a stupid question but is this comp still viable for atleast glad and if we dont find a shaman can a druid work too?

    5 - I've been working on my spec specificly for our MLS setup what do you think?!Y!befTjPOnp

    6 - How do we survive Meleecleaves ? I know my role here is really important since they will most likely go for my mage or shaman I know its important that I keep curse of weakness up and fear/slow really good together with novas/deep and UA's while trying to counter pressure them is this all there is too it? it feels like i answered my own question but i just need to make sure hehe.

    7 - What is our weaknesses and which comp counters us the most?

    8 - Would the Shadowbolt Valley trinket or the haste trinket be the better choice for the in this comp?

    9 - How exactly do we setup a kill together with a swap ?

    This is all the questions i can think of right now but I will add more questions if something comes to mind.

    Thank you for taking you time to read this and hopefully answer all the questions!

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