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    Could we get some RBG Fire guides please.

    The DoT cleave is very popular these days and I was wondering if we can get some Fire RBG specific guides. I have been playing fire on/off for a few years but I would like to get some RBG guides to maximize my utility and strategy. If subscribing to this site has shown me anything it is that you all think of the most creative ways to use CDs =P


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    I really don't think you're going to get an answer about fire on here. I have to say I thought I would find something about Fire mages on this website, so I subscribed, but my subscription is almost over and we still don't have any fire mage videos to help us. I would recommend however, to youtube "Hansol", he's a pretty good fire mage in my opinion, I've learned a lot from just watching his videos. If you want to see some amazing fire mage combustions I'd recommend this video in particular: "The Art of Combustion". Also he has one of their RBG's uploaded on youtube, there are a couple of dot spreads in that video as well.

    Hope this helps~

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    Just saw this on Skill-Capped youtube channel:
    Fire mage PvP | Multi Rank 1 Fire Mage dominating in Arena!

    Don't know why the youtube videos don't get a link at the skill-capped website...

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    I am not sure what someone would look for in an rbg guide for playing fire. Sheep heals outside their group if possible, dragons breath clusters, and pop combustion when you have a big ignite and living bomb on someone and then spread it with impact. Fire is very easy to get massive damage out just make sure you are shatter specc'd, follow mirtas guide on combustion, and spread it as much as possible. One key thing you have to be aware of, and the Tidy Plates addon really helps this, is who has Combustion on them once you've impacted it on your main target. I have had many times where I have spread my combustion onto 3 or 4 people and then one of them runs to another group. This is where you spam flamestrike and then target that player and impact him again for MORE DOTS! That is probably the hardest part of playing fire in rbg's.

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