Hey, here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eunzFO6nfB4
It is a private video and for some reason youtube fucked up the quality so if you can't see what I'm doing in this video, please tell me and i will re upload it.

Mistakes i did:
.) Moved out of RoF (First Clip)
.) CS'd the DK instead of the healer (also first clip but maybe i just wanted to stop his deathgrip, idk)

Please tell me everything what is wrong with me and my mates, but additionally here are some questions which ran into my mind while watching the video:
.) Right Mage-Armor for the comps?
.) Does my rogue open to early?
.) Am i trying to CC too much? (especially in the first clip)
.) should i rebuff intelligence if it gets purged?
.) Should i use my deep freeze on the Healer as a CC or better at our current target to deal damage?
.) Should my healer watch my elemental's health or not?

I hope your guys could help me and maybe find out that my healer should dispel quicker or that my rogue gives not enough support, or that I make mistakes