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    feral vs. rogue duels

    Anyone have a view of who is favored in a duel of top rated feral vs. rogue? Seems like rogue have the advantage but maybe that's just because i keep getting my feral butt kicked by rogues on tichondrius. Seems like too much cc basically.

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    Hey Black,

    Without a doubt, the duels I love the most are rogue fights because everything requires reflexes and trying to determine his strategy before he does it. I find the turning point of the duel is when he uses Cloak of Shadows. After that point he will no longer be able to Vanish or restealth whenever he wants and cc'ing him becomes a possibility.

    I can't tell you step by step how to beat them because good rogues will constantly change up their strategies but I have about a 70-30 win/loss ratio against 2200+ rogues.

    Basically the things you want to look for are keeping Faerie Fire up constantly, don't spend much of the fight in bear form unless you can preemptively bear form the Kidney+Dance combo, When you need to heal try the stun+cyclone control (you stun -> he trinkets -> immediately insta clone) HoT up and throw up Thorns, Berserk once DR on stun is off and you have full energy.

    I'm sure you know most of these but it's amazing how quickly people forget basic strategy while they're gouge + kidney'd for half their berserk.

    Not sure if this helped what so ever but ya rogue's are my favorite duels,


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    I had an old strategy that involved a lot of bear form usage but could usually beat some very high rated rogues on my server. I would basically tank him in bear form and keep faerie fire uptime (at this point I wouldnt threaten his hp at all with recup) I use NG to bait cloak and bash to get trinket (bash - clone if he tries to sit it) and during this time I keep a few hots up and go back to tanking in bear.

    After forcing a lot of cooldowns, I try and get a stealth from clones usually but roots will do and will just open with a TF + Berserk pounce and get full bleeds up, at that point I can toe to toe him in cat will keeping up huge damage or go bear for the safe option and spam mangle while the berserked bleeds take him down.

    Probably the most important thing is to not trinket the blind though, if you play correctly you should have 100% faerie fire uptime outside of clos so unless he cloaks he cant do much with the blind either.

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    Sitting in bear hasn't worked for me since vengeance was dropped... rogues just aren't pressured if we're in bear since we do 1/3 the damage that we did when we had vengeance. Have you had any luck with that strat since 4.3? Normally I end up needing to stay cat while he's not CCed or I can't keep pressure up to out damage his recup with stuns/gouges.
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    I don't think feral can kill any good rogues this season with any consistancy, ( eg: win 3 out of 5 duels). And I'd love to see fraps from anyone who can. Infact I regularly lose duels vs Rets, Aff Locks, Spriests, MM Hunters and Rogues this season where almost never lost to them every other cata season.
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