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    Feral/Priest vs. Resto Shaman/Warlock

    Hey I can't seem to beat these guys no matter what strategy I try, does anyone have some solid advice and tips/tricks/viable strategies I can use to help me at least hold my own against this comp? At the moment I'm at such a loss I don't even know what target I should be sitting, or how to avoid/mitigate any damage. Seems like all the warlock has to do is fear my healer a couple of times to put us behind and I can never get enough offensive pressure on the shaman or the lock (priest fears or attempts to MC shaman just tremors or grounding) so....yea not a clue. I am dispelling hexes off my healer but its just a slowly losing battle. I feel like my priest and I's health is always sitting around 40-70% and theirs is always topped.

    Should I be sitting lock and just trying to interupt his casts as much as possible + cyclone shaman and fear whenever we get the chance? That hasn't worked very well either.

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    when we fight this , we sit on the shammy , we have to time maim/deep with fear or clone well to get burns let the lock sit in as much cc as you can use inner focus to stop spell lock on burns, prayer of mending and binding heal are awesome vs this and thats how we win if we do all this well playing disc feral or disc mage its the same thing, it a nasty comp in 2,s mostly long games , I sigh when I see them and curse them all game for playing such a shite comp , lol somtimes we just leave if we dont have the time to play 30 mins

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