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    Lock Troubles

    Hey Guys, Looking for some Help In regards to 2v2 and 3v3. I play Shaman,Lock and Feral,Lock,Shaman in 2's/3's. Main problem I notice is I'm not outputting the damage i want in 2's any time I come against a druid Priest or a shaman healer in 2v2, they dispel all my dots as soon as there up even with UA on, and i cant keep up the pressure needed to kill any Healer/dps. By the time i get them low enough they either insta heal back to full ( NS a big heal). I dont know if Im just unlucky and everytime i burst them down their Defensive abilities are up or Im doing something wrong.

    Also in 2's were having a hard time against priest due to dispels and mana burns on my shaman. My Shaman Partner is spec'd for 5 second wind shears and he's constantly tossing hex's along with purges. Again Normal, or is there more i can be do
    My "rotation" in 2's is similar to 3's with Ua/affli/CoA, CoElements, Haunt. Followed into Life drain and SB procs. Soul swapping and fearing every chance i get on Pesky melee, and mana burners.

    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...heflipp/simple

    Any help and tips would be appreciated Thanks!

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    From my Exp. (I'm not a high ranked player though) I just spam UA, making sure they get silenced every time. Pop Demon soul as it comes off CD, and get great burst while they are silenced. If you get a fear right after the silence then they'd have to pop some major CDs for sure.

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