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    Movement and DPS

    Such a beginner level question, but here I am with 6 years experience playing warriros asking it lol. So I have wanted to kick the N52 habit for a while now, not doing anything competitive so it is time to make the switch to keyboard.

    Q - What is your method for moving and hitting your important dps abilities?

    Experimenting I am seeing issues while strafing whether I use e,r,t or 1,2,3 ( op, ms, slam). I accept that it will just take time to get used to new binds. This seems like an opportunity to make it efficient first then learn.

    Looking at the contributors binds, hoodrych and others seems that it is most common to put dps abilities on 1-5.

    Not really interested in anything like the naga, I am moving away from that kind of thing for the same reasons as the N52.

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