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    Wink new disc content

    I havnt seen any new disc priest content in a while.... Honestly id just like to see a few arena matches with any comp... with skype....

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    Agree, miss all the disc content...craze is now mostly focusing on his rogue i believe doing bad to glad videos.

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    Yeah I've realized that there hasn't been any disc content in over a month...

    There are plently of high rated disc's out there that they can get to do content even if Craze is focusing on his Rogue at the moment.

    Even if there was one posted recently, there is little to no Holy Pally content. Not that I play one but the point is there is no recent Disc content nor any new Holy Pally content.

    Which leaves 1 other viable healer left which is Resto Shaman and there has been plently of content for them.

    If they don't fix that soon I believe they will lose a lot of their healer subscribers.

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