Hey I am recruiting for 5s we will be running the following

Frost (Filled)
Arms (Filled)
MM or Sub (Open)

with the healers

Disc (Open)
Resto (Open)

The disc priest and resto shaman spots are half filled because i have friends that could fill them, but if I find someone exceptional on here you can come along instead. We are playing on the Darkspear - US server on fridays mainly and also at random times around the week due to the sporadic nature of PVP.

I )the ( am around1950-2k rating
The is an alt but he is Glad on a Resto and 2400 on Holy
The Resto that could run with us is around 2100
The Disc that could run with us is around 2350

We would hopefully be pushing ratings up high.

The requirements for you is similar rating so basically anything 1900 or up is A Ok. The most important thing is to not be a rager. We all play to win and take it serious but we do not rage. It is a game and we are having fun ( I mean comeone its 5s, so cheesy).

Reply here with an armory link or message me ingame on Derpz