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    Resto/any dps vs dk/any healer

    I don't understand how to beat dks I feel like I am playing well against them but all they do is train me the whole match with their perms slow and slowly run me through my CDs and kill me I try to get peels clone them but they always seem to get the best of me. I try to get a bash on them during ams and I nh them on cd and keep full hots rolling. Any advice?

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    i play a and i would go to kill the dk so your dps can peel the dk and u can run away in fast cat form dont know in english ..^^ when his grip is cd and u got distance go for clone his heal and try to get the kill.

    thats what i would try

    best regards atti

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    imo id try to get a natures grasp off behind a pillar and los the dman dk, that will give u a few sec head start.
    I know this is a stupid question, but u do have power shift macros for all shapeshift forms right?

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