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    Priest Mage Vs Warlock Resto Druid

    OK, Im at a loss here. Had 2 45 min games with these assclowns and Noone would die. We couldnt get mana burns to stick on the druid, Lock was spamming fear while druid spams cyclone. Couldnt get a good deep on the druid because of spell lock fear howl of terror death coil and the fucking barksin. Id litterally pop everything I had and then the druid would be like lol tree form pwned. No chasing the druid either hes like speedy fucking gonzales. So please if anyone has a viable strat here im listening.

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    What you need to do is land a deep on the druid with no trinket & put the lock in a full sheep and cast a shatter & power infuse mana burns the lock will either have to choose 1 or the other to lock.The mage should always be able to catch a resto druid. Could try burning lock & damaging him to low health so he can't life tap for mana . Or try killing the pets over and over and over again. My best advice get burns/burst on the druid.

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