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    help intervening traps

    I'm new and started pvping on war this season. I've spent a lot of time learning and arenaing and I usually can eat traps with maybe 60-70% success rate. Aside from being stunned or rooted out of place I usually will get there a second too late or be around there and my healer still gets trapped. Is there a way to eat traps better? I now have started to anticipate scatters and monkey stuns/blinds, but when I don't get it... it just puts me in a bad position where I don't have the mobility to eat the trap. So is it just something that takes time to get perfect or is there something special I can do? and i know you dont always have to intervene it I could just be around it or heroc leap to etc...

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    With skype lag, latency your healers reaction time (calling the trap) and your reaction on intervene chances are you might be a second too late.

    You just have to constantly keep an eye on the hunter, your healer should ideally be in a position behind you and the hunter will have to run by you to go for a scatter trap so the second I see the hunter do this I'm ready to intervene and say I probably eat around 90-95% of traps. Additionally you can heroic leap a trap, charge or throwdown the hunter (have to time this properly and be quick on it)

    A lot of teams will cc you during the scatter trap (with a root/stun etc.) so at that point it's on your teammate to eat the trap. You won't be able to get EVERY trap but you should get the majority of them, I've been closer to traps than my healer in the past and he has still gotten trapped.

    There is no secret to it, it's all anticipation. The same way I used to be able to pummel fel dominiations and reflect death coils a lot. Just have to be one step ahead of your opponent.

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    just by watching the hunter more not only am I eating traps but i'm intervening as they scatter and just eat the scatter. Not hunters tend to start stunning me then scatter trapping lol... Also I was curious if you could intervene repentance I can get saps, blinds, garrotes, stuns, silencing shot, but can you get repent cause i swear there are times I intervene as they are repented

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    repent is magic, so im 99% sure it cant be intervened

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