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    Horde Discpriest Undead vs Blood elf

    Personally i enjoy looking good on my toon and frankly undeads look shit in any priest gear "IMO"
    theres prooly gonna be alot of people not agreeing with that ... anyway
    what i wanna know is pros and cons with going belf instead of undead

    way i see it u already have ur trinket + fear ward , a 3rd fearbreaker just seems excessive,
    (also this makes ur trinket go on a 45s cooldown, i used to play alot of rmp, and we deliberately forced will of the forsaken on priest fear,, just to be able to switch onto him with a full kidney/shatter)
    blood elfs not only looks baller :P but they got an area silence which also gives a fair amount of mana back

    now i know majority of priests are undead, and obviously its the 'best' thing to roll with, im just wondering how bad bloodelfs are compared to undeads...

    share your thoughts plz
    cheers =)

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    well, if I had to go for looks I would go for ud. Why? When they cast it just looks awesome.
    As far as racials go, I would also lean towards the will of the forsaken. Although, as you said, you do have trinket and fear ward, I still find myself in fears. Especially considering that fear ward can be dispelled and that the trinket can still be used for all sorts of things.
    You're not quite at a shaman level yet with their groundings, shocks, etc. but you can already deal with fears, a really important form of cc, a lot better. Avoiding CC as the healer is really important.

    The BE's silence which gives you some mana back can probably be game breaking in some situations but considering how often you need to pillar, I'm not sure you would be using it effectively quite as often as will of the forsaken. Trying to get to the healer for fears is sometimes already really difficult....having to stay out in the open even longer to still silence sounds dangerous.

    For myself, I would go for ud in this patch for the reasons above (style being an important aspect ). What I don't know is how things might change with MoP.

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    guess i should just suck it up and get used to bones sticking out everywhere ^^ and ur right, male ud looks kinda boss when casting
    also their /dance is boss aswell ^^

    i didnt realy think about the whole distance between u and the guy u want to silence, as u say it would prooly just be a mana pot every 2 min ^^
    thanks for the reply

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