I'm a 2.3k S9 exp rogue currently on KT (alliance) looking for serious / dedicated team mates to play with. My character is fresh this season due to account issues, and people might doubt me, but I can prove to be an efficient team mate.

I have been noted to be very communicative on everything I do - making sure CCs are landed at appropriate times from all my team mates, tracking DReturns, and setting up kill opportunities (big factor for RLS).

I'm currently full cata geared (epic gemmed) with 397 Vial of Shadows trinket or Unchaining depending on the comp. I'm heavily experienced in RLS (//) and decently in Thug Cleave (//[pref]), but I can run any viable comps as well like RMP. For those bursty comps I can wear my heroic 2pc + vial to provide maximum damage, while for RLS i will most likely rock Unchaining or 5k resil to pump out constant damage and/or peel effectively.

I want to push 2.2k asap, and then push ratings after that.. I'll be available on the weekends and soon any time.

I've been having trouble finding partners.. so please send me a message!