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    Talking Arms / Fury Warrior viable in RBGs in MoP?

    What's your opinions on how the class currently is on beta?
    By the looks of it do you think we will be viable as Arms or even Fury in RBGs?

    Coz i'm sick of prot :<

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    Zanso is an unknown quantity at this point
    We used to run double arms warrior in season 9 because our damage was absurd and I think our record was 50-1. Everyone in the group was a r1 player so that was part of it but me and the other warrior would global healers all day and carry the team fights pretty consistently.

    It just really depends where warriors are at release, if arms/fury is good then you're going to be able to play it in RBG's. As of now on beta arms damage is too low to play in RBG's IMO.

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