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    Fastest way to level to 85-90

    Could you list fastest to slowest in order

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    Stotts is an unknown quantity at this point
    I would say:

    1. Questing(fastest)
    2. Dungeon Queues
    3. Battlegrounds(slowest)

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    I did questing with maybe 2 dungeons thrown in. 3 levels on release day, and 2 levels the next day. However I heard AV wins give mad exp, all though I did not see for myself.

    The fastest way is 5-man dungeon queues with a full party, I believe.

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    Questing, without a doubt. One thing you can do to try and spice it up is quest while sitting in an AV que. I didn't start doing that until level 89, but the wins that we had ( we didn't lose any out of the 4 we ended up doing ) gave roughly 5-7% of the 27 million exp needed.

    I tried the power leveling through dungeons also. With a full group and great dps we were blowing through the 85-86 dungeons within 15 minutes give or take a few. Each one granted roughly 5% of a level.

    Out of everything the thing that really helped me move along was questing with someone else. Not only does it make the grind seem a little more friendly, it also helps a lot with the killing of the 500k NPCs you'll be facing at 89. From 89-90 quested with a pally tank while I was a moonkin and we queued for the AVs while questing. It took roughly 4 hours which was pretty quick imo.

    Long story short there is no "quick" way to level, it sucks ass let's be honest. Change it up with an AV every now and then, also don't forget to make sure you're in a level 25 guild and grab that Battle Standard - Dropping it at the end of AV when IB TP East and West fall. As far as dungeons, run them each once. The quests in there give a nice chuck of xp.

    Good luck and happy hunter - Saviorxoxo

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